Grandma update

I spoke with Grandma on the phone briefly. She sounded weak...and I didn't want to keep her for too long.

But she assured me the doctors have told her with plenty of rest...in about a month she'll be feeling much better! So plenty of downtime for you, Grandma! Grandpa...she gets control of the remote for a month! *smile* And to all my Aunts upstate...I know you'll take good care of her!

Plus I thought it was super blog-a-licious cute...that Grandma's being set up with a computer just so she can follow Trevy's blog!


JSmith5780 said...

So glad to hear that your Gram, with rest, will be doing just fine soon!

Adesta said...

Great news! So happy to hear it!

Holli said...

So glad to hear!

And I love that she's still able to keep up with the blog!

Colby said...

LOVE that she is getting her "pooter" as my mom affectionalely calls her's! It will be a blessing to her! So glad she is doing some better!