how do you say thank you?

Cause I'm not really sure.

Even writing this post has been tricky. And listen...I can flip a phrase or two. But this one is tough.

I mean...when you get an email like this...

Hi Danielle,

I hope all is well… yes I read your blog from time to time and I am sorry for being such a pain about letting Toby play all-stars.

As you see he fits right in there and is one of the stronger players on the team.

In my job as Northeast Regional Sales Director(You have to love titles) I travel frequently to many places all over the world and I am truly blessed to get to see some wonderful places. Through my travels I accumulate many frequent flyer miles and many times they go UNUSED!
I would really like it if you would let me use them to help out with Trevor and getting you to Detroit. Please accept my offer and let me know how many tickets you need and the exact dates and times you prefer. We’ll see if we can get them for you. I have TONS of miles so I would be very happy to have them used in a positive manner.

How do you respond to that!? Other than graciously (ie: immediately emailing YES) accepting the offer...of course.

Though we'll say it til we're blue in the face...a simple thank you just feels SO utterly insufficient. I suppose I could give Bristel pom poms and make a big banner announcing your gift to hold up at the next game? Take out a ProJo ad? Buy you dinner? Wine? The moon...would be closer to how we feel. And if nothing else...your family is totally added to our Christmas card list.

Because your generosity is SO much bigger than airplane tickets and hotel stays (which are also charitably being covered for us!) You are helping us on our crazy journey to rescue our son from this seizure monster. And you can't be a part of something like that and not have it leave a lasting heart mark...you know.

And for what it's worth...even though it's not enough...

Thank you

**ps. Oh yeah...I've gotta admit, we're happy you talked us into AllStars too**


Jenny said...

You can see God's work here plain as day! What a mighty God we serve.
Jenny & Brady

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jenny...funny you should say that! When I broke the news on facebook it was by saying "sometimes it just HAS to be God!" I love those moments...ya know...


MJStump said...

How awesome is He!!

Sometimes I think of how much more unfair things are when there is extra stuff to worry about...more piled on top of the already crazy things that we have going on in our lives. But then I think maybe things get even crazier and more stressful so that we are forced to reach out for help, to give it all up to Him. That allows us to be free from everything and bring our focus back to Him, to one another.

He is definitely an awesome God and all the glory to Him!

Colby said...

And Danielle...Just THINK what YOU and your family are doing for THIS one person by saying yes? Your acceptance of their gift will have such a huge impact on THEM, I am SURE! And this wonderful gesture will affect anyone who hears about it! I'd want to shout it from the rooftops as well!!!

One less thing to have to worry about...Right?


KC's Mama said...

Oh Danielle I have tears in my eyes right now! I don't know...maybe I just needed to hear something good right now, but regardless, I am sooo happy for you! What an amazing blessing to have people in your life that are helping rescue Trevy. Thank God the world seems to realize how crucial it is to help this beautiful little boy : ) I know the road to Detroit has been beyond rough, but it finally seems like you are getting somewhere!


P.S.-I don't think you know this, but I am completely partial to little baseball players. I love little league games!

JSmith5780 said...

I think most people want to be kind and generous, but don't always know HOW to help, or WHO to help. You've helped this coach as much as he's helping you. This is why I feel blogging about our lives and talking about it to people is such a positive thing. I'm so happy you've had this weight and worry lifted off your shoulders.

Coach- Thank you for being so awesome. You hear such bad things about coaches and parents pushing children so hard in youth sports today, when what they truly need is guidance and a role model. You are exactly who those boys need. It's not just about the sport, but about learning to be selfless and a team player.

Adesta said...

Oh D...I'm crying and shaking from the good news! It's so good to know that there are still some great people like Toby's coach in this world.

To Toby's Coach: Thank you!! People like you are a rare find these days. Your gift is a true blessing.

Anonymous said...


What an amazing blessing and gesture!

I have found, on some of my darkest days, God's presence all around me, through His people.
God is leaving his fingerprints all over Trevy's life, through His people. What a great reminder to know HE is with you.

Blessings to your angel too!

Hugs~ Deb


Holli said...

Goosebumps...you know why?

Partly because I thought about this months ago. When we were going to Detroit, you talked about how badly you wanted to take Trevy, but didn't know how. I remember thinking about how I just knew you would get him there, because He would help you. It's amazing how life's little details seem to fall perfectly into place sometimes, ya know?

And, how you were just bloggin' about people lending a helping hand...

This is the kind of story I love to spread. It puts a sparkle in my day!!! And anyone reading your blog will have a renewed Faith...in Him and humanity today!

By the way...my word verification is "blessema". Neato, huh?

Liz said...

What an amazing gesture! I am so glad things are working out so well for your trip. It is true that people often want to help and just don't know how. Blogging saved you lots of money and helped Toby's awesome Coach to know just what he could do to help. What a great tool! I am so excited for you. I hope and pray Dr. Chugani has a solution for Trevy!

Anonymous said...

My 84-y/o Mommy was just telling me today...reflecting on days long past about how my great-aunt was always 'returning the favor' - most times better than given. Mom told her once, you're not letting me earn any brownie points in heaven!

God accepts 'thank you' as enough, doesn't He?


~Mama Skates~ said...

praise God - u guys r truly blessed!!!

Dawson said...

A man being used by God to help make a miracle happen. With all the bad things in the world going on... This proves that God still reins supreme!!

Our prayer tonight is that God will bless this coach in ways that he could never imagine

blogzilly said...

You know I can't really get my head around the G-thing...but as far as gestures of awesomeness, that is a DOOZY.

What a cool dude. He's definitely gonna need a Christmas card at least, huh? :P

Mrs. M said...

Oh! This just made me gasp and brought tears to my eyes...and hubby was just as touched!
How absolutely wonderful!
I'm so glad for you, Danielle, and Mr. NERSD, who obviously has a heart and is able to share it.
BTW, kudos to you for biting the bullet and letting Toby play All Star...that's hard call and so important for Toby.
You're awesome Danielle!