random-nings...you know, just for funsies

Bristel was perched on the couch...looking out our big window...

and suddenly started yelling...

Mommy...a daddy robber's coming! A daddy robber's coming!

Took a minute to figure out she meant a daddy "robin"! As in the bird. And not the guy trying to steal our Samsung.


Toby's AllStar team were the champions of their first tournament! And word on the street is...it's the first time our town's AllStar team (of any age) has ever won a tourney!

First inning warm ups Captain Slugger took one to the face. Rewarded with a bloody and broken nose to compliment his trophy! Ahhhhhh...the memories of boyhood. We'll laugh about this someday...right?!


Quite possibly the best compliment I've gotten. Ever.

"I have a crapload of respect for you!"

Taken from a recent email...that made me smile.


The Scene: Toby walks into the living room while I'm sweatin' to my morning workout.

Panting Me: Wanna join?

Gawking and Head Shake NO him: Not with those crazy things they make you do!


The Scene: I'd kicked their summer boredom boots outside to play. Toby's whining at the (locked from the inside) screen door. After a few minutes I finally shuffle over to see what was wrong.

Whiney Toby: Mooooooom...Bristel took MY worm!

Victor Bristel: Hahahahahahaha - cackling as she runs around the corner pudgy palm wrapped snugly around Lucky the worm.

Me: turned around and locked the other screen door!


Counting down the days til' Bibi comes to babysit...

I mean visit!


Oh last thought...

I've been thinking about renaming my "random-nings" to "just for funsies". Maybe I'll poll it?


blogzilly said...

Funsies is way better. ;)

Adesta said...

I like the new name.....it's cute.

Bristel sounds like quite a character!! While my older two will look at a worm, neither will touch them. Which surprises me about Haylee since she's our tough-nut.

And.....ouch! Poor Toby! If that was me with a broken nose, my eyes would be crossed in pain!!!

brendalynn said...

just a question.. was tehe "crapload of respect" thing from me? it sounds like something ive said. but im not sure if ive said that to you lol.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I know...I'm leanin' towards funsies too.

Brendi...yup, it was you!


JSmith5780 said...

broken noses are NO FUN. Hope he's feeling better soon!

I really don't like worms, not good in a houseload of boys huh?

brendalynn said...

haha yayyyyy!!!! :]]] <3333

~Mama Skates~ said...

i like funsies ;0)

Colby said...

I like "funsies"....But WHATEVER you decide to call your observations and throughts, just know that we ADORE them!


Mrs. M said...

Count my vote in too for Funsies. We all need a does of laughter and such.