score one for the mommy

Oh...I'll totally be using this one again!

SO many times I'm stumped. Or at least too tired to try harder. But then sometimes...a stroke of genius just sneaks up and slaps me in the noggin'.

And this idea was grrrrrrrrreat!

See...it's all fine n' dandy that Toby's a big-number-44-name-on-his-jersey-trophy-sportin'-All-Star. But the thing is...after every single game. Without fail. And lately even practices. He just has the worst attitude ever!

Snappin' at his sister. Growling at me. Throwing things. Stomping. Slamming. Snarling.

It's like an 8 year old temper tantrum or something?

I'm thinkin' maybe next game to sit near the other 8U mommies and chat it up. Maybe it's just a boy thing? Misplaced adrenaline? Too much sun? Or whatnot?

The thing is...

...it's just not cute. And I'm not going to put up with it. I'd already drawn that conclusion. Way before we ever set about adding babies to the family! I want a home filled up with love, laughter and peace. Not raging testosterone. In the form grumpy 8 year old boys. Uh uh... Not in my house!

And today was just particularly bad. He was glaring at Bristel. And dumping all his yuck right onto her little sun-bleached head. Now mind you...I'm not blind to her aggravating ways. She can be an instigator. I've seen it with my own two eyes. But not this time. This time it was all Toby. And his cranky self.

And as I was turning up the voice volume the most beautiful thought suddenly struck me.

And ooooooh how he despised it's beauty. Which meant it was a goodie. A use again-er.

I told him to find a pen and a paper. Which had him begging no right away. But the mad had set in. There was no going back!

I told him to write SIX things he loves about his sister. I typically use their age as the number of whatever. Push ups. Minutes in the corner. Writing sentences. Whatever. I'm not sure why I used the number six. Weird.

You'da thunk I told him to build an ark. All that complaining.

So I started adding sentences.

Toby's always been a tough cookie. Especially with the shutting of the mouth. So I kept adding. Until he was finally convinced he wasn't getting outta this one.

I sat his little baseball boot at the kitchen table. And made it clear he was NOT to get up until the job was done.

I didn't watch the clock. But it took awhile for sure. He had to whisper vent all that cranky out before he could move on to the task at hand. But when he finally came 'round. And started writing his SIX things. It was just the sweetest thing! Here's what he wrote...

how she sings

how she laghes (did it take you a sec to figure out laughs too?)

how she smiles

how she colers (he meants colors...but this was a heart test not a spelling bee!)

how she pretendes

how she loves

And the topic of the two additional penalty sentences was things he loves about his family. He had this to say...

how we love each other

when we talk

It doesn't take much to get my sappy flowing. But I'm sure you already guessed that! I made him read them aloud to his sister. And I made her stand in front of him while he did so.

It was SO cute. He really meant it. We could tell by the way he was adding more Loves on the fly.

It warmed my heart to see his softening for his sister. The grumpy was replaced with the tenderness I knew was buried in there somewhere. In fact...he made it about halfway through when Bristel SO moved by his Loves ran over. Threw her little arms around his neck. And hugged her All Star hero tight.

Yes...it was a Kodak moment.

And yes...my eyes spontaneously misted. While I mentally patted myself on the back.

And yes...I'm totally using this one again! Quite possibly after Tuesday's practice!

Oh...and yes...feel free to borrow!


JSmith5780 said...

Once all the kids can write I am CERTAINLY using this!!!

blogzilly said...

This is the single greatest thing ever...I am definitely stealing it. Maybe not writing, but making Carter SAY what he loves about his brother will definitely be a cool anti-punishment. I love it.

Colby said...

PERFECT! Because of Colby's situation, I didn't have the "normal" sibling rivalry in my house, thank goodness...But boy, will I pass this on to my sis! It is GREAT!!! You are a GENIUS!!! Sister Beverly thanks you!!!!

(So does Aunt Cyndi!)

~Mama Skates~ said...

oh hell yeah i'm using this one! good one mama!!!

Adesta said...

I can certainly use this in my house!! My girls are going to be in for a big surprise when I spring this on them!!! lol They hate it now when I interfere with their arguing and make them hug and kiss...just wait my pretties. :)

Deb said...

At first I thought you were talking about Hunter and Hailey! Too funny! Hunter turns 8 next month, Hailey is 5...Hunter has been growling at her all summer. He hates her following him, copying him, and she could care less! She continues to do her thing until he blows...i think she likes to frustrate him!

I will try this on BOTH of them if need be!