thursday follows wednesday

This post is specifically for my non-comment reader readers.

I received an energetic email from Dr. Genes yesterday afternoon. She was feeling jazzed by the meeting. And I believe...by her ability to play a part in rescuing Trevy. When you work in the Genes field...most of what you deal with is sad. Inevitable. But this has potential to be happy...and I think she has a huge desire to have her hands in happy! I'm not really sure what exactly the NEMG is? If I'm catching the gist properly...it sounds like it's a bunch of doctors. To whom Dr. Genes then presented Trevor's case. And together they brain-stormed how to get this approved.

The only promise I have right now...is that Dr. Genes & Dr. Neuro are 100% committed to fighting on our behalf.

And suddenly I feel like a weight has been lifted. I'm not in this alone. Not that I ever really was Alone. But you know...

I've grown accustomed to the "all things neurological" grass growing slowly. So there will be no answers today. Or even tomorrow. But even though I can't see the movement day by day. There is indeed movement...


~Mama Skates~ said...

yes!!! prayers going up every day 4 u guys!


Anonymous said...

I have always said, medically speaking, that there are not ENOUGH eyes that could see Hudson.
This is HUGE that a team of Dr's are coming together on Trevy's behalf...to discuss his case, and brainstorm...HUGE!!!!
This is a battle we are fighting on so many different levels...it can be a lonely war at times, it is always a good reminder to know we are not alone in our war against seizures! We are battling on the behalf of helpless babies!

Praying for a bit of peace within today...enjoy your holiday weekend!



blogzilly said...

I don't follow the 'non comment readers' thing. How was this specifically addressed to them? I be confoosed.

But weight lifted? Something new to hope for? Big grin.

Abbe said...

i'm so, so thankful for dr. genes and dr. neuro, and their commitment to helping trevy! hearing that bit of good news has made my heart happy!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Ken...this post was actually just a recap of what I said in my comments on yesterday's post. But I have a few followers who don't know how to access the comments section...won't mention names...or AGES!

Thus the non-comment-reading readers...

Oh...and trust me...smiles in our hosue are little bit easier to come by today too!


Adesta said...

Again, I'm so excited that you got Dr. Genes and Dr. Neuro to go to bat for Trevy. He's a special little guy and they see it too!

Of course, if I hit the Mega Millions tomorrow night, I personally will pay for Trevy's surgery...forget the damn insurance companies!!!

Anonymous said...

danielle that's awesome!!!! i will pray for you guys!!! i love that little boy. keep us updated!


Holli said...

Okay...I'm sold!!!

We're moving to RI!!!

That is some serious top-notch compassion going on up there...I want in!!


Seriously, though, it's amazing that they have so much dedication in fighting for Trevy too. I love it!!


KC's Mama said...

Oh Danielle, I'm so happy to hear you have these doctors fighting with you. And I am so proud of you for being such a great advocate for Trevy! You are doing an awesome job.


Colby said...

Now THIS is what I like to hear....I truly believe that now you are on the right (and hopefully FAST) track to getting that your son back....

Can't WAIT to see how this all plays out....All of these people working together towards a common goal...TREVOR!!!!

Keep the details coming....

Have a great 4th!



Dawson said...

What a blessing to have a team of doctors like that. Something really good has to come from all of that right??

Prayers and love as always for you guys

Mrs. M said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a fresh breath of hope and more people on your side...on Trevy's side?!!!
I'm cheering Trevy and his team of Neuro-players. I hope they're all tenacious & innovative and speedy in getting things done.