Bennett's turn

It's crazy how connected one can become with people they have never met. In person.

I have felt a deep connection with little Bennett...in large part to his dad. Who has the courage to share their story outloud.

This morning Bennett's mommy & daddy kissed him goodbye...and handed him over the the heros in white coats. To begin the first phase of freeing their beautiful son from this vicious seizure monster. For the first step of this nightmare miracle.

I am a mess. For them. For me. For Trevy.

Please take a moment to pray beside them today. For courage. And peace. And strength.

For more information on Bennett...and continued updates...click here.


Anonymous said...

Been praying for him all day. My heart is with you and them. :o)


Anonymous said...

Please pass along my prayers and hugs for Bennett. He is right..it is the hardest day of his life. Tell him to hang in there....


Our young lady... said...

I have been following their blog all day... I am so glad he made it through surgery safely. Thoughts and prayers still coming their way...

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

I'm sure this is all very emotional for you especially with October coming before we know it. I'm so glad he is doing well so far. i wish i could go through all of this instead of these kids having to deal with it. It just makes me sick & sad. It is amazing though the bonds so many of us have made even though a majority of us have never met...in person.

Colby said...

I have been right sick over all of this as well...And we are not even FACING surgery!!....So I am SURE I would feel just like you if we were....

Please know that all your readers will be right there with you as well when Trevy's turn comes....When HE gets HIS chance...And he will do just as well...And the curls will return!!!

Love you!