fate of the curls

Of course my heart is full. Swirling with so many thoughts.

And I was going to spill it. Here.
But everything was coming out wrong.

And I thought maybe that's because I just need to be silent today.

It feels like one of those moments when the hush should be deafening.

So I'll let it. Be.

Until I take that call tonight. And hear word of the fate of the curls...


~Mama Skates~ said...

thinking of u & praying 4 u 2day


Liz said...

Hoping that call comes earlier than you think....and that you are ready for whatever the answer is. I love the curls, but they'll grow back. Removal of the seizure monster within would certainly be worth it!

Holli said...

I will be checking in like a mad woman today!! As anxious as I am to hear the news, I also understand that either way, you will probably need some personal time to soak it all in. But...still checking anyway!!

By the way, so glad to see the Detroit photo is the new star of the blog!! It's such a gorgeous shot of Trevy!

Praying for good news from Detroit...


MJStump said...

Praying for you guys as I read this post. Hoping that the call comes sooner than expected and you can start breathing again...til then look at the curls and those beautiful eyes.

Hugs and peace,

blogzilly said...

On pins and needles....waiting as well. Wish I had more fingers to cross.

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

I've got fingers, toes, legs, arms & i tried eyes(until i was afraid they might stick that way like my mama told me) crossed today for you guys. I'm with Liz, I'd hate to see the curls go but I'm all for getting rid of the seizure monster!!! I'm sure all of our guts are in knots for you. It's almost like we are the mothers to all of the IS kids. {{{hugs}} to you, monica

Carolyn M said...

Waiting is always the hardest thing to do. HUGS.

Mrs. M said...

My stomach is all in knots waiting....and it's not even my child!!:)
Snugle your boy today. Mess & stroke those curls.
Thinking of you heaps & heaps,
Many hugs,

Colby said...

Unbelievable...Just gorgeous!!!