I've always wondered...

Does anybody (other than stalk-y me) read the comments?


Makes me feel all young & hip speaking text!

Anyway...instead of wasting my Carpal Tunnel on the chance it may not be noticed. I decided to respond to the comments from below's post here. In the spotlight. Although truth be told...I was tempted. For a moment. To respond to each of you. One by one. And totally boost my comment ratings!


But who's counting really?



To all my seizure family friends...

You seriously made me cry! Okay...okay...so I was already on the emotional hurricane cliff. But you totally pushed me over the edge!

Some of us have been friends for a long time now. And our friendship is deep. Like...girlfriend weekend deep. Or lets all meet at Disney deep. Someday...right?

Some of you I'm just getting to (cyber) know... But I'm Italian. We're clingy. And being a part of this crazy journey automatically puts you in the heart-connect zone.

Crying together...celebrating together...living through this insanity together...

It's like crazy glue. On the hearts.

Dave (Nathan's dad)...

Dude, you made my day! I called Jonathan was ,like, guess who commented? He guessed wrong. Wasn't even close. Which was entirely my point!

Thank you for reading...and commenting...and being a sucker for Trevy's curls. I draw a lot of comfort from people out there. In the great big world. Reading...and connecting.

But it's different kind of comfort knowing the dad at the ball game...rubbing Trevy's mop...is hoping with us. That's really special. And I thought you should know...

Slighbor Ken...

The surgery will be done in Detroit.

It's a double edged sword. I have no dout we'll have the best care. But I hate being so far from Tobes and Bri-bee.

You'll be a veteran by then. Which means I'll be leaning.


Your - We will add "let them grow back curly" to our prayers! - line was a classic!

My non-seizure friends...

So Trevor is some serious cute. And gobs of courage. I know that. But it's truly been a blessing...that people outside of seizure-ville have connected with his story.

It more than I can express.

For the newbies...

You stopped by at one of the most dramatic times!

I'm usually super boring.

For the stalkers...

Yes...you! The quiet lurkers.


I'm thankful for you too! Especially if you're the praying (or have a summer beach cottage that you enjoy donating to a cute little Seizure Boy and fam for two weeks annually) type!


blogzilly said...

Once you know when the surgery is since you will be in Detroit, would you mind if I drove up there and visited with you for a couple of hours? Would love to meet the family and Trevor.

Not saying I can yet, just checking to see if it was too super creepy of a suggestion coming from a total stranger?

baby trevor's mommy said...

Ken...read my email.

btw...you're totally Slighber Ken forever now!


Abbe said...

um... yeah. i read the comments. always. cause you write back! and you never know what nugget of humory goodness will be lurking in here! and if that makes me a stalker type... i plan on owning it. :)

JSmith5780 said...

In this IS world, we're never strangers Ken. How can we be when we live parallel lives!

I usually read the comments too! Though it was easier when I could subscribe and read them all in one place. Seems work doesn't like me subscribing anymore ;)

Adesta said...

I'm guilty. I like to read what others think, so I guess that makes me a stalker too.

And even though I'm not an IS Parent, I find myself watching Kym with an eagle eye for any tell-tale signs of these horrible seizures. Thankfully, I haven't seen any unusual behavior, and please don't take it the wrong way, but I hope I never do see any of these in my kids. I honestly don't know if I'm strong enough to go through what you've all gone through. I admire each and every one of you.

Holli said...


How sweet of you Ken!! Wish I were closer myself...


You're right D, this txting talk does make me feel young & hip!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wish acrymonialtalk made me feel younger. What IS IDK?!

Yes, I read the comments.

And I tease, too. I will be in your area again before the curls are cut. I'm thinking we should make plans the day before. ;)


baby trevor's mommy said...

Abbe...you totally made me blush! Nugget of humory goodness! ;)

Jen...how DO you subscribe to comments? Wish I could figure it out...would be SO much easier! I do everything manually. Thus the Carpel Tunnel!

Adesta...you're SO cute! I give you complete permission to be gut-honest! It's my blog...I've got rights. ;) And trust me...I am thankful ALL the time that Toby & Bri are SO typical. I think it's natural...

Holli...you ARE young and hip cutie!

Barbara...just in case you haven't cyphered it yet - IDK = I don't know. And WOULD love a do-over. ;)


Holli said...

Could you please tell that to my 13 yr old niece?!!

Karen GIll said...

I agree that your nuggets of humory goodness get me thru most of my days. I hope you don't mind my cyber stalking, or the fact that I encourage other non IS'ers to cyber stalk too. ( I just forwarded Trevvys blog link to Monks speech therapist) Words can't even do your blog justice..so I want people to read it..because I feel that not only are you a super duper phenomenal writer, you write with such grace, eloquence, humor, wit, truth, realism. It's like you are the voice for us all. ( or at least for me for sure..because everything you say is something I would love to be able to get out..but can't, and certainly wouldn't do it as well) I'm usually a lurker more than a poster..but these last few blogs have just made me BALL incredibly...and when I read this one the other day I had to stop myself from trying to drive and find you to hug you. I hope that I can meet you, and Trevvy some day. I would also love to be able to get out to Detroit if it were possible...us IS families need to support each other during stuff like this. I'm due for a good road trip.

Just wanted you to know that I think you are fantastic.