So I've been hem-hawing about blogging through this next week.

And while I'm sure I'll have TONS of guts to spill. I'm just not sure that I really want to. Or will have the energy to.

My trusty laptop shutting down several times daily again helped me decide.

I'm letting myself off the hook. And going off line.

Although I do have one post already scheduled for while we're away. And if you haven't explored the various links to the side of my blog...since your's truly will be on a blogging sabatical now might be a good oportunity! There are some extraordinary families out there! And some wonderful resources.


Thought I'd nip the worried emails in the bud!


Jonathan & I will be clinging to eachother...and Trevy...and Jesus... And probably memorizing the words to this song....since I can't stop humming the tune!


~Mama Skates~ said...

i'm glad u're taking a break...we'll miss u, but this place def shouldn't b of any concern 2 u this week...hope everything goes amazingly well! can't wait 2 hear all about ur trip!

prayers & xoxoxox,

Colby said...


Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful song...My mom is having some tests run tomorrow, and as I was watching and listening, I was put more at ease about those results....And naturally, I was also thinking of the struggles with my Colbeana! This is DEFINITELY something worth sharing....

Thinking of all of you!!!

And again, I appreciate this...and you....so much!!!