random-nings...you know, just for funsies

Ever wonder what a hole to China looks like?

Felt like forever...but we finally have our yard back!

Almost...they still need to come n' grade & seed. And then we can finally start pricing keep-the-Seizure-Boy-in-fences!


So even though we have our yard back...half (literally) of it is a sandbox! I've warned the kids they are not allowed to play in the dirt.

But I come around the corner yesterday and find Toby licking...yes you read that right...licking his feet frantically.

His flithy face blushes when he notices me noticing him.

I've gotten good at giving the hairy eye-ball over the years...which meant I needed no words to elicit this...

I might as well confess it now...

he muttered while slowly lowering his foot

I was licking off the evidence.


Bristel: Mommy can you carry me to bed

Me: How about I give you a piggy back?

Bristel: Okay...

she paused and gave me her serious face

but just don't drop me like Grams did!


On dreams...

Toby was sharing that the night previous he'd had a scary dream. Which woke him from his sleep.

But when he fell back to sleep...he had a nice happy dream. Filled with animals that all liked him.

"Even the ferocious kind...like lions!" He said wide-eyed!


We try to have a short little devotion and prayer time with the kiddos before bed. Help keep their minds on happy things pre-slumber and ward off those scary dreams.

I couldn't resist sharing an excerpt from Toby's prayer last night...

"and dear God please bless all the churches all around the world...

like in Alabama and such..."


Bristel has been a Grams junky lately. If I weren't so exhausted all the time...I'd probably be jealous!

Anyway......she's been spending lots of time AND sleepovers at Grams' place. The other day my mom pulled up to our place to drop Bristel at home. Now mind you...she'd spent two full days with Grams...and still when she noticed where she was blurted,

"Whadder we doing here, Grams?!"


Holli said...

These are always so fun to read. Kiddie antics are hilarious...

By the way, those pics remind me of our poor yard back in January. Our septic line was blocked...making a mushy mess and lots of work for us! Chad dug up the line by hand (and shovel, of course)..anything to save a penny!! ;-)

Colby said...

LOVE the glimpses into your "regular" life!!!!

Keep them coming!!!


~Mama Skates~ said...

lmao at the last 1!

JSmith5780 said...

Now I see why you are jealous of my bakyard... I have no holes AND grass :)

Licking the dirt off, that's a good one!

I swear in the summer my kids have more sleepovers than time spent at home. Once school starts in under two weeks they'll have to be content with Friday nights only :)

KC's Mama said...

Awe, awesome! I swear, your kids say the cutest things! And I bet you are soo glad to have your yard back!


Dawson said...

HEY!! whats wrong with Alabama churches????? LOL

Been thinking of you guys often. Thanks for the funny stories. I needed that today

Anonymous said...

Those were so funny! Kayla is always giving us something to laugh at!!
talk to you soon

baby trevor's mommy said...

Holli...I can't imagine J digging that up BY HAND! Yikes!

Cyndi...my kids keep me centered. Some days! ;)

Sharon...ME TOO! Bristel is such a hoot!

Jen...thank you for letting me not feel like a spoiled brat! At least there is one other mother out there who lets their children have sleepovers all summer long!

Karen...I just wish grass grew overnight!

Jeff & Allison...he actually went on to clarify something like, "and if those churches don't have Sunday School...please help them to know that it's so important for the kids..." I was rolling on the inside...nodding on the outside. Cause he was peeking to see if I was in agreement! lol

Connie...God gave them cute personalities...to counter the cheek-y-ness!


Adesta said...

"Licking off the evidence" That's a good one! Your kiddos come up with some good stuff D!!!!

JSmith5780 said...

I'll be honest, I don't talk about all the sleep overs on my blog because I don't want anything thinking I am a bad mom ;)

My kids are having a sleepover tonight and Austin at least will have a sleepover Friday too. More time for mommy to make quilts for the new babies coming soon!

JSmith5780 said...

PS It was great to talk to you yesterday, even if it was brief!