ready...seeeet...please be ready!

Okay so EEG Lynn assured me that the left-sided EEG disc is ready. She made sure she could open the file on her system. And she even went the extra mile...and printed out samples! I thought that was super sweet. But honestly...she owes me. She's said some bonehead things in the past that need making up for. I figure this covers one! Although not the one when she told me to let the white coats with degrees interpret the spiking lines I was studying. That would be when Trevor's IS relapsed...and tears were streaming as I watched his sleep cycle on the glowing face. And knew...because sometimes mommies don't need white coats or MDs.


The PET scan has been the hassle though.

Called Friday. Spoke with Nurse Sue. Who said she'd call me as soon as she heard it was done.

Of course...she weekend-ed without calling me. Hope yours was relaxing!


So first thing Monday morning I'm ringing the hospital like a mad woman. Only to learn that Rhode Island may be THE ONLY state in the nation that celebrates whatever stinkin' holiday yesterday was supposed to be!

Everything shuts down.

Any guesses on why our state is going bankrupt?! One holiday paid government holiday at a time?!

Just left a message for Nurse Sue cause I'm swingin' by the hospital to pick up the EEG today anyway. I can't sleep until Dr. V emails to say he's seen it...and it's good.

But I sure would like to have the PET scan disk in that package as well...


MJStump said...

It sounds like breathing is a difficult task right now, as you are checking back and re-checking to make sure all the ducks are in a row.

I hope that everyone is not only doing their part, but going above and beyond for you guys..for Trevy's sake.

Praying that it all gets done super fast and you can check that off the list and make room for breathing again.


Adesta said...

Hoping that you get word that the PET scan disk is ready too! How aggravating!

Whatever holiday they reserved has got to be an in-state thing because no national holiday is this month and Ramadan doesn't come until the 22nd!!! Wish I had a holiday yesterday....

KC's Mama said...

Wow, it's amazing how much red tape you have to go through to get your kid the help he needs. I soo hope that things fall into place, and soon!