consider this

Perhaps the irony will not strike others as it did myself.

But after reading the recent Questcor news release stating...

"Questcor has notified the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that the Company intends to submit its sNDA for H. P. Acthar(R) Gel (repository corticotropin injection or Acthar) for the treatment of IS in October."

The light bulb in my head exploded. How about yours?

Now it makes perfect sense why the sudden interest in sponsoring an IS Awareness Week. In October. Well...that and the fact that sales have been down. What with the decline in the national birth rate and such. Oh and also...this:

"...if Questcor is successful in obtaining FDA approval for the IS indication, Questcor believes that it will also qualify for a seven-year exclusivity period during which the FDA would be prohibited from approving any other adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) formulation for IS, unless that other formulation is demonstrated to be clinically superior to Acthar."

Because it's all about increasing awareness for these little suffering babies, you know. We wouldn't want them to have access to Synacthen (the synthetic formulation of ACTH). Seeing that for a fraction of the cost a newly diagnosed baby could acquire a very similar outcome as that of Questcor's Acthar. Did you notice the line, "...unless that other formluation is demonstrated to be clinically superior to Acthar"? It's all in the babies best interest...wouldn't you agree?

Wonder if John Stone (Executive Director Child Neurology Foundation) researched any of this prior to striking a deal with the tyrant?

Listen...I understand that it's much too late to turn back now. And the truth of it is...I don't like burning bridges. And would possibly even entertain the idea of building one with the CNF. Just not one dripping with blood money. I don't like to be dirty. So...since this October I'll be busy chewing my fingernails to nubs. In a surgical waiting room. Hoping to hear word regarding my two year old son's radical brain surgery progress. Because two rounds of Acthar did not cure his Infantile Spasms. I hope you'll understand if I tear up my dance card this go around...

Click here to read the Questcor news release in it's entirety.


Adesta said...

I don't blame you D. I'd tear that card up myself.

And here I thought this country was against monopolies....just goes to show that if you throw enough money around, you will get what you want.

Never mind about the kids and their lives right, just make more money!

JSmith5780 said...

Money absolutely talks! So sad for our kids!

blogzilly said...

OMG...Have you showed that to either of the Mike's yet? They'll both explode. Wow, that is just sickening.

Well, at least people can have 4 hour erections and thicker heads of hairs these days. I FRIGGIN' HATE HAVING A LAST NAME OF A PHARM COMPANY!!!!!

Katy said...

Well, you've lit a fire under my hiney--hope to have something together soon.

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

unbelievable....just absolutely unbeleivable!!! and what convienent timeing too. uggghhhh!!!