Infant(ile) Spasms makes the evening news

Am I the only one who dropped everything when I heard Infant(ile) Spasms get mentioned on the evening news tonight?

Of course like all good journalists they (to borrow a word from a friend) botched the name. Referenced as Infant Spasms. Rather than Infantile Spasms. That annoyed me.

Click here to watch the clip for yourself.


Sarah said...

Awesome...they can't even say Infantile Spasms right?!?!? Geeze, no wonder it's not very well known...

MJStump said...

Ugghh!!! how in the heck can you spread awareness and be heard when people can't even speak right?!

at least there was a picture, and the face of a child and father that are living this...maybe that will stick in the minds of those watching..i dunno

Debbie said...

I didn't catch it....because Cartoon Network dominates our t.v. until about 8 p.m.........so thanks for sharing....and yes it is annoying that they aren't aware they are speaking the wrong name....wish we weren't the ones to correct them!

Hugs to you...hey my Thursdays sounds a bit like yours...will share some recipes when i have time...I love to cook....therapy!

Sinead Aylward said...

You just can't do justice to infantile spasms and the meaning of this diagnosis in a segment that short. What people got was: pretty girl whose head bounced a little happily playing in a swing. Oh wait a minute the man said something or other about insurance, oh well, what a cute girl... Check out that man who had stomach cancer. He's got it worse! It was almost worse to have coverage like this than no media coverage at all.

Bacon Wife said...

wow, D, I am glad they made a mention of it but i agree with Sinead, it would take a 2 hour Dateline special to chip away at the huge iceberg called Infantile Spasms.
great recipe, BTW.
i love my fix it and forget it cookbook, i dont have the light one but i do a crockpot mac and cheese from that one that is a football favorite but makes for the perfect winter meal. i will email it to you.

Love you bunches!

Katie said...

Actually I thought the clip was well done. THe topic wasn't IS per se, but about how he doesn't get to parent his kid because he spends his time dealing with insurance.

Boy, that hit home for me...bet it did for you too!

I'm impressed they showed the girl's seizure; that looks alarming to me, and I have a kid with IS!

I shared on my Facebook too. :)


Katie said...

Oh, and CBS is a douche bag for botching the name, naturally. ;)

Adesta said...

WOW. While I'm glad that Dateline made a mention of this, I'm angry that they could so very blatently screw the name up! Where was their research department on that one???

I can only imagine how you and other IS Parents felt about that screw up.