it comes in heaps

Stress that is.

Trevy has a raging antibiotic resistant ear infection. We were able to switch him to a new med tonight. Poor thing has been a cranky devil all day. I shoulda known. It wasn't til his ear was caked in goo that I realized Sunday's script was ineffective.

Anyways...cross fingers and toes with me that this one kicks it!


Sinead said...

Sending good ear-healing vibes.

Colby said...

At least you know this a few days ahead so you can hopefully get it cleared up quickly...I think I mentioned before that Colby was FAMOUS for getting ear infections a day or two before a surgery!

These little stinkers will try us every time!!!

Praying the infection heals ASAP!!!


Mrs. M said...

Poor fella! He just can't get a break with those ear infections.
Healed ears sending Trevy's way.

Jackson's Blog said...

Jackson has an ear infection too right now! He just had one in August as well. I don't know what good the tubes and adenoid surgery did!?!? Anyway, Jackson is not having major surgery next week like Trevor, so I will be praying it heals quickly.

We also will be thinking of you all as you head to Detroit tomorrow! I remember it all like it was yesterday!!!

I believe everything will work out, ear infection, surgery being covered AND Trevor will be seizure free!

Have a safe trip and I will be checking in and sending lots of prayers your way!

Holli said...

Got 'em crossed! :)

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

Oh no! Hopefully this one will kick in quickly & Trevy will be A-ok & ready for surgery!! Go away ear buggies!!!

Adesta said...

Oh, Poor Trevy and poor Mommmy! I think ear infections are just as hard on mommy's and daddy's as they are for the little ones! Not being able to do anything for them really stinks!!

Praying the new antibiotics get rid of the ear infection quickly!

Lisa said...

Man! I'm so sorry! Hope it goes away fast! We seriously may be here when you guys get in on Sunday...Cincinnati can't take her until Monday and they're saying we have to transport her by ambulance since it's a hospital to hospital transfer...so stupid. But anyway, wishing you luck on the infection.

Anonymous said...

Have lotsa experience with ear infections in a little one. Have they ever offered you drops that go into the ear canal that are just for pain relief?

I had my first case of swimmer's ear ever this summer. Felt just like an earache. I can't help but believe that cleaning out the crusty junk helps WITH the oral antibiotics.

Praying for Trevy and his family,


Anonymous said...

my prayers are with you all right now. I hope things are going the way they are supposed to be going.

ps you are not dramatic you are going through a hell most people wouldn't make it throught.