the very distracted soccer mom (a picture marathon)

Okay...so Blogger gives me major headaches with the whole picture marathon thingie. I can't figure out...well more honestly I don't want to waste my day trying to figure out how to put the pictures in my preferred order.

Drives me OCD side absolutely bonkers.

But I mean look at her. Orange is totally her color! Which makes her O's lovin' daddy peacock proud!

And at the end of the day...she's just too darn cute to let OCD me take my pictures and go home!

She was an absolute beast on the field her first game.

In there kickin' shins and zoned into that ball!

So much so that the daddy next to me kept shouting "Who's that little blonde!! Look at her go!!"

I just kept snappin' pics and smiling behind the lens. Cause well...she was MINE!

The next game her true colors shone through! Dashing all visions of soccer scholarships in Bri-bee's future! Fashion design perhaps? As she was SO much more interested in checkin' out the other girls hair styles and cleats!


Jonathan & I both have really strong ideas of what family means for us. And part of that...is being there to support eachother. Of course...we made this committment long before Trevy. Before our family entered the world of special needs...

And sometimes if Trevy's having a really bad seizure day. Or it's close to his bed time...cause I've always been really adament about my children and their sleep needs. Mostly because my life is easier when they're not sleepy-cranky!


Sometimes we have to juggle. One stays behind with Trevy...while the other goes to the game. We rotate so that the same parent never misses back to back games. It's our thing. In no way am I saying it's right or wrong. It's just for us.

All that to say...we ALL OF US made it to Saturday's game! Including Grams & Pop Pop.

Grams helped chase Trevy. When he's not seizing...he's running around like a wild thing!

Which of course...induces seizures. Some of these pictures are really precious (in a slightly morbid way) because the heartbreak of Trevy's seizures is captured so beautifully on Grams' face. She's one of the handful of people that know Trevy...and his seizures...as deeply as I.

I can't explain it adequately. Especially on the fly. With toys being flung at the back of my head! But it is SUCH a huge deal to me that the people closest to Trevor know. That they see his battle too.

It makes the celebrations of the miracles of what he can achieve that much richer.

And the tears and prayers that much deeper.

But 'nuf about Seizure Boy...

I had to jet early as nap time was beckoning...

but Jonathan said the most hilarious event of the day was when the coach rallied all the mini-kids together for a team cheer. And Bristel was NOWHERE to be found. Until Jonathan spotted her some 50 yards away. Bent. And plucking a flower that she HAD to pick that very minute!

How funny is that?! Yes...I'm the mom of the ballerina disguised as a soccer player!

Sorry this post is so shagala bagala (loose Swahili translation = craziness). It's driving me nuts too. But I only have a few minutes between poops & snacks & reading & ducking & here & there to get this post done! And I know at least Bibi & Grams are always anxious for the picture marathons!

Oh and my soccer mom flop of the day?

Guess I've surgery on the brain (pun intended) or something... Cause I totally blew it with Toby's game! I had it in my head that it was an hour later than it actually was! Poor Tobes... But...his sweet forgiving response melted me. We got home and he asked if he & I could go for a walk instead...so he could still spend time with me. We walked and talked AND held hands the whole way...

Somedays my cup runneth over with love of being a mom. Being a family. Even though it includes seizures and surgeries...and flinging of toys!


Adesta said...

Sweet. Bri checking out hairstyles and cleats reminds me of Marissa when she played soccer last year. She spent more time staring into space or chatting than she did going after the ball. *sigh* I guess she's not going to be my athletic child. *grins*

You know what hit me? When I saw the picture of Grams holding Trevy and saw her face, I instantly wondered if he had just having seizures. You can just read it on her face....and your ability to capture it all on camera is amazing.

Glad you got to spend some time with Toby and super glad that he took missing his game in stride and just asked for special time with you. What a great son and big brother he is!

Bacon Wife said...

NO shagala bagala here! i thought it was wonderful and she is so so adorable! And... toby, oh my goodness, what a sweethear he is. Your kids are so cute and wonderful because their parents are!
Totally get the toys being thrown, i have a darkness above my eye this morning from the plastic catepillar being launched at me which she responded "good catch, MOM!" oh yeah.. and a new bite mark on my arm.


JSmith5780 said...

Love all the new pics! She looks so big and grown up on the soccer field, but not so big that she can't take a quick cuddle with Mickey! Love the contrast!

~Mama Skates~ said...

love that sweet miss Bri!!! & Toby? he has the most precious heart ever! a true testimony 2 how awesome u & J r as parents!!!

btw - i've figured out how 2 get blogger 2 upload ur pics in the order u want em...start with the pic u want very last in ur post & work ur way up...of course, u can only upload 5 at a time...so if u have 15 pics total, upload #15, 14, 13, 12 & 11 - in that order...then next set, upload 10, 9, 8, 7 & 6...etc


Anonymous said...

Oh I how I love the pictures!!

Love, Bibi

blogzilly said...

I'm actually super impressed how well you are holding it together, at least publicly. :) You have the Julia blog that you are zeroed in on at the same time worrying about the days ahead. I'd be a mess. I WAS a mess leading up to and during, probably still am. A mess. Mess mess mess. Don't you just love saying a word over and over until you no longer know how the hell someone ever thought to apply THAT word to THAT idea?

OK, bye.

Debbie said...

Just in case you haven't heard it enough...your kids are ADORABLE, seriously, they are all just darling!
I love that your girlie girl can run the field just like the boys, and doesn't run FROM the ball (that's what Hailey would do...if I could get my ballerina on the field!)

keeping you close in prayer...hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day...despite the hurried schedules, toy throwing and seizing....spending time with the kiddos and other family members is lovely.
Love the pics of your well-rounded soccer girl...especially the close up....
...and how sweet to have a date with Toby! Ya gotta love a hand-held walk!:)

Lisa said...

Shagala bagala...I love it! Adding it to my lexicon now...

I'm sitting here in the dark while Julia sleeps, taking the night shift, and killing some time...and I am just in tears over this post! Because I know where you're coming from about your heart being so full at being a mom. Even in the midst of this very trying time, I can't tell you how full my heart is in a very positive way. I am so happy to be this little girl's mom, to get to be the one who is here to care for her. Not sure if that makes sense.

Love the soccer pictures, I can totally see Julia picking flowers on the soccer field someday. :)

MJStump said...

Love the post and always love seeing pics of your cute kiddos! Bri is so cute kicking around the ball, and stopping to compare hairdos..lol That's what being a girl is all about.

Your post is so not shagala bagala...it is just a day in the life of having kids...there is no order to the day even when we try so hard to keep it that way.

You are doing a great job at being distracted and keeping things in perspective....so proud of you! Maybe your insides are different, from my view you are doing wonderful. Breathing is always the most important, and capturing life behind the camera is a good way to focus on the now :)

Prayers and hugs,

Lisa said...

hello! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, for your encouraging words and advice, and more importantly, for helping convince the FDA to approve Sabril.

Elisabeth will be starting on it tomorrow :)

I will enjoy exploring your blog more and getting to know you and your family.


(Elisabeth's mom)

Colby said...


I scrolled down and looked at the photos before I Read anything....When I saw Trevy's grandmosther's face, I INSTANTLY thought of my sweet mom...It is the same look she gets on her face...

The photos are all SO beautiful...You have such talent! (Doesn't hurt to have GORGEOUS subjects!)

As for your little "Miss Pris"...My niece is the prissiest of all...But she also hunts deer (and is a good shot!) LOVE this new well-rounded generation!

Your soccer day took me back to the days of watching Shawn playing his sports...Now I watch him COACHING sports....It goes by WAY too fast!

Hang in there...