well that was stressful!

Because of course this couldn't go off without a hitch...right?!

Just hung up with Nurse Neurosurgeon. Literally. Who informed me that regardless of what Medicaid may be telling us...the bill could still end up in our mailbox. It's happened...she said.

So I clarified what Chugani's nurse had relayed to me a couple months back. Being that if we were billed it would be for $4000.

Um. No.

More like $15,000.

My temples are still a tense throbbing mess. Making this post very difficult to complete. But it's part of our story. The sharing of which I have myself convinced...may benefit someone else. Someday.

The big thing is...I was also under the impression that Dr. Neurosurgeon would not preform the surgery without cash in hand. Payment plans not accepted.

I had this mental image of us stumbling into the hospital. Road weary. And seizure-y. Only to be sent packing because we don't have fifteen grand collecting dust in a bank. For such a time as this.

Nurse Neurosurgeon assured me that will not happen.

And that they would indeed work out a payment plan with us. If it comes to that.

Which allowed me to catch my breath again.

She also assured me that they would be submitting the bill to our Medicaid.

Which is nice to know. But really I was more interested in whether or not Dr. Neurosurgeon was going to be donning scrubs pre-payment. Next flippin' Tuesday!

Everybody together now...let's release a huge sigh of relief. Because he will.

And honestly...I'm not really that worried about the billing jazz. I have had countless conversations with our case manager. And she has assured me that this is covered. This is happening.

And that's all the really matters right now.


JSmith5780 said...

Glad to know it's moving forward... and I am sure insurance will be ok. Just try and relax and NOT think about it.

So I did a mapquest, it shos a route through Albany, to Buffalo, through Canada and then down to Detroit. Is that the intended path?

Bacon Wife said...

wow! i am so sorry you are having to work through this while trying to get packed! I didnt breath that entire post until you told me too!

sineadaylward said...

The day before Emmas surgery I was on the phone with insurance (one of the ten most profitable) freaking out about the things I could not control. Insurance confirmed neurologist, neurosurgeon, procedure and hospital were all covered. I said what about the staff I have no control over such as radiology, anaesthesia, nurses... She said it happened all the time that these folks are out of network. What usually happens is insurance will cover the out of network cost and you get a bill for the rest. She said, when you get the bill you call us back, explain that what went on in the or is out of your control and then we will settle the bill. My answer is this call recorded? Yes, great. Everything was setlled. It took months but I was only billed for my copay. We ended up with three copays cause they readmitted twice due to fever but I was glad that was all I had to pay. My heart went into overdrive everytime a statement came through the door. My advice: it's out of your control now. Focus on the surgery and then fight like a dog when the bills come.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen...we're opting to take the southern route. We have a free place to stay along the way. :)

Connie...lucky you I added the breath now line! ;)

Sinead...I can only imagine the battle we'd be facing if we were still with AIG. That would be who declined Trev's first round of ACTH. In the deepest part of me...I really believe this will be resolved with minimal out of pocket expense. And we're willing to pay! The biggest freak out factor was being led to believe the neurosurgeon wouldn't operate without up front payment. Having that settled helps. Although my head's still pounding. But you did help me resolve the other side. I was just taking a break-the-migrane shower and wondering if I should call my case manager right now...or just ride this through and wait til' after the surgery. I think I'm going to wait. Although if the headache doesn't subside...I might be swayed. Ugh. I hate the OCD in me sometimes.

Thanks for sharing your last minute stress! Least we're not alone...right.


blogzilly said...

Yeah, nothing like having the little things, he said sarcastically, like that come up last minute to make you do a double-take.

Lisa said...

What a scare! When we were driving up the day before the grid surgery, I called in as instructed to get anesthesia instructions...only to be told we weren't on the schedule. WHAT?! Ended up the lady didn't have the right info and we were only 2 hours from home, wouldn't have been the end of the world if we'd had to turn around, but you get in that mental place where things are moving forward and to think it may not happen, is major stress!

MJStump said...

Nothing like a good way to make you stop breathing for a bit there. You poor thing...glad to know that the nurse said not to worry and that things will be taken care of one way or another.

Whew, now that that's taken care of, I hope you guys are able to enjoy your last couple nights with all of the kiddos before you leave for the trip. Thinking of you guys often and sending warm fuzzies to you all ;)

Prayers and hugs,

Colby said...

I just feel sure that insurance will pay and Medicaid should pick up the rest...That is how it is done in our state, anyway....And yes, thank the Lord you don't have AIG anymore!!!

It will be just fine...

Love to you!


Mrs. M said...

Ugh...the stress of it all! There's so much to consider and arrange besides the glaringly obvious...caring for your sweet little man.
Hang in there,sweetie! It'll all work your way....somehow, it will.

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

uggghhh....are they just trying to give you an ulcer??? I feel sure that it will be covered. If everything else is, why wouldn't this??? BUT, it is nice to know that if heaven forbid it isn't the surgeon is still game for going ahead & that they have a payment plan!!! I love me some payment plans!