and he laughed

Not Trevy. Although he's done his fair share of smiling today! Even at hospital staff...when he's not screaming at them for poking him or pulling stitches.

But it was another guy who laughed.

Dr. Rockstar.

When I told him that...

Today is wonderful!

But a few days ago?

I was suffering a nasty case of Buyer's Remorse!

I don't think he's ever had another parent voice that to him before. It was kinda fun...


Joanne said...

I am so glad things seem to be turning around! Wish I could be there but my prayers and thoughts are. Give both the boys a hug from Bibi!!

Colby said...

You know it must warm Dr. Rockstar's heart to hear words like that! Just like it does our's!

So thankful things are turning around and hope y'all are in your own little nest soon.....


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

What do you think he would say if you told him you referred to him as Dr. Rockstar??? LOL...I would love to see that reaction!!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Bibi...wish you could see him now! Such a different kid!


Elaine...hmmmmm you think I should tell him?


Katy Duddridge said...

Def tell him, when you get the discharge though!

So glad the Trevy is coming through this.

We had a talk today and decided that drug-controlled seizures is what we should aim/hope for. Not being negative but trying to be realistic. And if in years to come we say, "Oh yes, my son is epileptic, but he takes his drugs and he's fine, has been for years....then that's just fine by us."

How times & expectations change.

God bless and get home soon! xxx

baby trevor's mommy said...

Katy...I think it's good to be realistic too. Like knowing just how big the scar will be for instance! It's shocking...but then it's healed up so quickly too! Which is also shocking. :)

Anyway...I really deeply appreciated your thoughts.

xxx back


blogzilly said...

Yeah I'm with Elaine, I want to know his reaction to the Rockstar thing, or the fact that all of us talk about him on the WWW.

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

yeah, definitely tell him...as you are walking out of the door. You don't want to give him a case of the "big head" while you are there. He might keep you forever then. =-)