Thursday, October 22, 2009

I was talking about you today

That's right.


Sitting there glued. To the computer screen.

Getting your Trevy fix.

You who hasn't been able to tear your eyes away.

The one who checks back here gobs of times a day.

Hanging on every post. Especially the dripping with drama or funny posts. Because you need to either laugh or cry alternately. Just like me.

And somewhere...sometime...somehow...over the course of these past couple years... found yourself here. Reading about me. About my family. About my Trevy.

And slowly you were drawn in. Until you couldn't help yourself.

You were head over heels. Unashamedly addicted.

Maybe we connected in a support forum.

Perhaps we're old college friends.

I know we have family following. Hi guys!

Some teachers and therapists.

Maybe even a medical professional or two.

Perhaps our kids play ball together.

We might be FaceBook friends.

Or you could be a friend of a friend.

Even a complete stranger.

But to us...

you each have a very special place as you've stood beside our family offering encouragement and support. Saturating us in prayer. And extraordinarily thoughtful gifts! From gift cards to cash. From snacks to stuffed animals. From hot wheels to hot meals. From thoughtful big kid presents to the super adorable "Chicks Dig Scars" jamies. From hand made blankets to home made cookies. From swanky hotel stays to airline assistance. From keeping our big kids to helping with overnights in the hospital. From emails to phone calls to FaceBook fans. From pop in visits to...

well gosh...the list goes on!

Jonathan and I have been so utterly humbled by the out pouring of support from everyone! And even though it is so very insufficient...

Thank You

from the bottom of our very grateful hearts!


Ian Marrey said...

perhaps the saying 'you get what you deserve' is true.

welcome home...

therextras said...

In some mysterious Divine way, I feel I was gifted by you.

JSmith5780 said...

Yup glued all day yet didn't get see this til just now. I have got to get over that way for something other than a hospital visit!!!!

Did you honk at exit 25?

Andi said...

I was totally glued. I had FB updates coming to my phone so I knew exactly what was going.

I totally agree with Ian. You have touched my family in more ways than one, as I'm sure you've touched others in various ways. What you put out there, you'll get back, ten fold.

I only wish we could have done more.

Sinead said...

Darn, I never sent you anything. I'll email you a picture of some cookies and you can imagine...

Bacon Wife said...

Thank you for being so open about your life, thank you for letting us in and letting us love each of you! Thank you for being such a wonderful writer that we actually see and hear your blogs out loud! You have given us so many gifts over the last year.
Love you bunches!

~Mama Skates~ said...

"chicks dig scars"? LOVE it!!!

i feel grateful 2 b able 2 call u guys my friends!

baby trevor's mommy said...

You's SO uncool to turn my thank-you around to your thank-you! ;)

btw...Sinead. Seriously hon, I could live without thinking about another cookie! I need to lose this hospital stress pound-age!

And to everybody...every kind of contribution blessed us!


Adesta said...

Danielle, As was said before, you all got what you all deserved. What are friends for if not to be there for each other when they need it the most? Whether it is by just supporting and praying or sending care packages, to airline and hotel stays. We are your friends, we all are your online family.

Your adorable children sucked me into your lives and I find myself stuck permanently...hope you don't mind! :) I am so thrilled that Trevy is doing so well post-op and some day, I will meet you all in person. Maybe I'll hitch a ride with Jen if she ever makes it out that way without having a hospital trip of her own!

Just how close are you to Charleston, RI? We went there once to the beach and would like to go again now that the kids are a bit older...well except for Kym that is!

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

Very sweet!

And it's just because we love you all so darn much!!

I'll leave the sappy for some other time! {{{hugs}}

Lisa said...

Said it before but it bears repeating...SO glad you're home! And doesn't the support make such a difference? How is Trevor now that he's home? Julia perked up hugely once we were back, fever and all.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those strangers that found your blog through Marissa's Bunny, which I was turned on to by a web comic! And I check almost daily to see how Trevy is, how your family is holding up... Because as human beings we ALL go through these things. And it's the empathetic and sympathetic connections we make that keep us human. :-)

Love and healing thoughts to you and your family. Every evening in my house a white candle is lit for Trevy, Marissa, and all the ailing people in our world in hopes that they are healed. Your strength is inspiring...

Colby said...

I was thoroughly blessed to find my way to you through "My Sweet Blessing"...

And I was also one of those addicted ones....And I am sure I always will be!

Thank you for sharing your stories and touching all of our lives and being such a dear friend....Believe me, you have given SO much more to US!!

(I never knew I could develop a relationship with someone I have never met!!!)


baby trevor's mommy said...

It's so interesting to hear from all of you! And "meet" some newbies!

Oh and Cyndi...the crazy thing is...I have found when I meet my "cyber friends" in the real feels like we've known each other forever! Not like we're meeting for the first time...


blogzilly said...

Yer welcome....


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those strangers who is hooked. My daughter has IS, and I found you through another IS mom whose boy had a hemi. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.