once a day

Trevy hurled again this morning. While I was trying to give him his new AED (Trileptal) by mouth. Because we have to start somewhere. And as Dr. Neuro-Surgeon was making his rounds.

It's SO flippin' frustrating. Trevy has only thrown up once prior to this. He just was never a retch-y kid. No reflux. No newborn spit up. Notta. And to see him spewing is hard. On the heart...because even though his eyes are bright and lovely...he's so weak. Hard on the hope...because I want to go hoooooome. Hard on the temper...and everything in between. While some things on this side of the surgery are easier to deal with. This is not one of those things.

Which is why I told Dr. Neuro-Surge that I'm ready to just g-tube him. And go home.

He asked if I'm okay with dealing with throw up once a day...at home.

I said...I can handle it at home just like I handle it here. Heck yeah...I'm okay with it. Sure...I wish we didn't have to play catch the fountain of regurgitated juice flowing from Trevy's little mouth. But I'd rather play catch at home. Although it is nice benefit that I don't have to do the laundry here.

Dr. Neuro-Surge said we've checked everything. His CT scan looks good. His labs are all normal. No fever. No pain.

Sooooo if we can keep the vomit to once a day...than he's comfortable with sending us home on Monday.

But anything more than once a day...

I don't even wanna think about!


Lisa said...

Feels funny commenting when I'm just down the hall...but I feel your pain! Let me know if you still can or want to get coffee and we can vent together. :)

baby trevor's mommy said...

That made me laugh!

Jonathan went to take a nap...when he gets back I'd LOVE to grab a cuppa with you! I was going to take Trevy for a walk...but he's snoozing. Poor kid. I've been making him work today. Sit in the high chair. Read a book with mommy. All he wants to do is lay in bed! I think going home will be healing just because he'll want to chase Toby and Bristel! Wait...let me stop now...or I'll have nothing to talk about over coffee!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could join you guys for a cup of coffee:) You nailed it Danielle...home is healing...Dr. C said the very thing to us. Being surrounded by familiar things and of course his siblings works wonders on the body. I hope and pray that you get home soon.


Monica~ James~ Connor said...

Just wanted to let you know I've been following the blog too in addition to FB. Just haven't been able to comment since I've been reading on my phone....I've been having comment withdrawal too!!! So prepare for a load of them today!

Colby said...

Danielle...I just wanted to mention that we have had GREAT success with Trileptal...Colby has been on it for probably 8 + years....I will have to check on that....

It has continued to control his grand mals very well....He only had one little episode of the level getting too high, but it was VERY quickly resolved...

Good luck with this Rx!