Sunday, October 11, 2009

sick sense-a

So theres this Dr. Nobody Knows Who He IS with the neuro-surge team.

(insider tip: all the cool seizure parents use the slang term neuro-suuurge)

Anyway...we've seen him a couple times. After each visit the nurses are all like...

Who was that?

We're all non-chalant cool like...

Who him? Oh he's just with neuro-suuuurge.

Anyway...that has nothing to do with this. Except that to emphasize we're cool like that. And the fact that he just checked on Trevy.

When he walked in his neuro-suuuurge ears were assaulted by various musical toys all chiming various musical tunes at once.

Wow...competeing music in here huh?

Says he.

When I do the cool-mom shrug and nod he adds...

I think I'm gonna have a seizure in this room!


blogzilly said...

When we were in the PICU there was some resident who was uber-hot and all the ladies tried to be sure they were in the room when he was around.

Never knew his name, just called him Dr. Hottie.

baby trevor's mommy said... Dr. Hottie here...


Lisa said...

LOL, gotta love seizure humor, huh?

So did they end up doing a CAT scan?

baby trevor's mommy said...

They didn't. I actually called Chugani at home yesterday...cause I was starting to freak out mildly. Chugani said it was most likely related to the major sedation and fluid intake he had. He told me not to worry. lol

We were actually moved upstairs to a regular room. We've now either stayed in or had procedures done on every single floor in this place!

Trevy is SO lethargic...