so close I can taste it

Weeeeell...Trevy made it through the night with no throwing up. And no seizures. All smiles and eating like a champ this morning!

And not to be too cocky. In fact...I wish I had nothing to be cocky about. I wish he'd never had that stupid seizure. But he did. Which opens a window into a reality I wish was behind us. Being studied under a microscope in some lab somewhere. Because it was sliced out...instead of still being inside. And while I believe with all my might that surgery was the best (the only) choice for Trevor. I am not so certain that means we'll never be dealing with seizures again.

But I am, however, very inclined to believe I was right. That the throwing up was connected to seizures which was connected to the WAY TOO low dose of seizure meds.

Resolve the seizure meds...brings resolution to the seizures...which in turn brings resolution to the throwing up.

I see a pattern. But hey? I'm just The Mom you know.



The shift is so dramatic that we're looking at best case scenario being discharged tomorrow!

Worst case...Wednesday! I told Dr. Rockstar we could tolerate waiting til' Wednesday. Which made the puppies giggle.

Before any of that happens though...we need to resolve our insurance issues regarding medications. And sadly...Trevy is scheduled for an EEG later this afternoon.

Dr. Rockstar wants to err on the side of caution. And is moving aggressively forward to prevent future breakthrough seizures.

Oh...and the best news of all?

Trevy has been SO stinkin' happy!

His smiles make me feel like I can handle anything!


JSmith5780 said...

I am so glad things are going well. Our schedule for Tuesday puts us in Boston for a 1pm appointment, then back in NY by 7pm. Please, if you need anything, call us. We are about 10 minutes off I-90.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad he's so happy! That makes things a lot more bearable, doesn't it? Glad they're doing the EEG to see if there's something that can be done to keep those nasty seizures away for good. And fingers crossed to leave tomorrow...leaving is such a good feeling. :)

Sinead said...

Happy kids are the best reward for all this anguish. If he is having seizures still it does not mean he always means. It means you did slay the IS beast but some of his cousins are staging a protest and they will move their protest elsewhere as the brain heals. It's not all or nothing.

Adesta said...

I'm praying that these "extra" seizures are just Trevy's little brain trying to learn to live without them happening and that they will soon go away once his brain realizes it doesn't need to be in that constant state of chaos to survive.

I'll reiterate what Jen said. If you need anything, give a holler. I will email you my cell number tonight when I get time. I'm leaving work now and I have drill at my firehouse tonight, but I'll get the number to you tonight. {hugs}

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that things are going so well. I can almost see your "happy dance."

Yeah, we all go in there to get rid of those nasty seizures once and for all, but the reality is that our kids are prone to seizures and will really never be safe. But to get rid of the debilitating seizures that consume their lives and make learning and developing so hard, that is what we have done.

So, hooray for Trevy..for he will be developing and learning so much in the upcoming months. And hooray for you and for Jonathan for hanging in there...we know how hard it has been.


Dawson said...

Smiles do have their way of fixing whatever seems to be broken at the moment dont they. So glad to hear he is feeling better.