We've had four calls so far.

One to say Dr. Neuro-Surgeon had begun.

Three to say all is going well.

Oh...and you know your case is high profile when you bump into a resident in the CoffeeShop (thanks again Brandon & Elaine!) and he knows who you are!


Lisa said...

So glad it's all going well! I can't count how many cappucinos I bought at the CoffeeShop...gotta love that it's 24 hours.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I loved the phone calls. Because you knew what they were going to say...everything is going as planned. It was when the doctors walked into the waiting room that my heart would drop for a moment. This is a hard day. Not knowing what is going on with the motor cortex. I hope everything goes better than planned. Love you and thinking of you lots.

blogzilly said...

Here, here...you guys are totally on our minds today. I know you're scared but you certainly are showing a solid foundation of strength...you'll get through this just like you have every other difficult day.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Lisa...Dr. Chugani said to ask you for tips on neat places to visit!

Elaine...I LOVE the phone calls. Cept when they're running late!

Ken...yes well, I had a good old fashioned breakdown this morning. That gives me a nice second wind! ;)

(((((hugs you guys)))))))