what would I do without Grams?

Even though Trevor is doing really really good.

It's a lot like bringing home a newborn. Or a kid who just had a hemi I guess.


He literally requires constant 1:1 attention. While he can take a handful of steps unassisted. That's tops. Which makes everything in the house a Trevy head bopping hazard! And Jonathan going back to work today was a welcome to reality moment! For him too...I'm sure.

More than ever I feel so thankful that we were Providentially redirected to put down roots here. In Rhode Island. Near my parents. We had no idea that our lives would move this direction. But Someone did!

Grams has worked her schedule out so that she can be here with me every day this week. As I try to figure out how to balance the housework...and schoolwork...and therapies...and bill resolutions...and everything that fills your lives too! Except cooking dinner...because our All Star teammate families have pitched in to meet that need. Which is truly a huge huge huge help!


I suppose my point is...

if I seem absent. I'm here. Learning to balance again. And I promise if there's drama to share...I'll share it! And for my friends who share their crazy lives online too...I'm reading!


Holli said...

It's definitely a blessing to have people pitch in and help. I'm so glad to know you have lots of support so you can focus on Trevor's recovery.

One of the hardest obstacles I've encountered has been dividing my time between Austin and his need of constant supervision and household chores and such. It's definitely not easy, so I'm always so grateful when I'm not here alone. And that's without two other kids needing my attention! So, I can only imagine what a relief that must be for you!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am glad Grams is there!! God bless grammas and grandpas who bless their children and grandchildren with their love, presence (yes, Toby, presents too), and ever needed help. Thank you so much, Grams, for being the godly example to my and your grandkids!! Bibi

Sinead said...

I understand your absence. I expected it. I didn't want to be the one to break the news. It is like bringing a newborn home in some respects but it's harder because you can leave a newborn in the middle of the bed, go to the toilet and he will still be there when you get back. It's newborn intensity mixed with some toddler mobility (enough to get in trouble anyhow) and it's quite exhausting. With increased skill level comes increased intensity and exhaustion. Not to depress you or anything but more to appeal to your support network not to give up when things look ok on the surface.

Colby said...

I have been shocked at how frequently you have found the time to post!!! You are AMAZING!!!

I know what you mean about the grands....My mom lives right across the street....I litereally don't know WHAT I would do WITHOUT her!!!!! So thankful that you have that special one to help!!!

You must take care of yourself, too...Get some Calgon and let it take you away!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just sending hugs, support...letting you know I'm here reading and thinking of you.

Wondering...how is Trevy liking the car? My Trevor HATED it for a while after surgery...not sure why, possibly some sort of sensory thing, but oh were we so happy when that phase was over.


Adesta said...

Just like Trevy, you have to relearn some things too. I kind of expected that.

Glad to hear that you are getting help with meals and such. And so happy that your mom was able to adjust her schedule so that she could be there to help you with all the other hassle's that life hands us.

Take your time, we know you are busy and more certainly understand it.

Give all the kids hugs for me and take care of yourself. Don't wear yourself out so that you end up sick!!! {hugs}

JSmith5780 said...

You are so fonrtunate to have help. I thank my stars every day for my aunt, my in-laws and my gram for all they do! even my mom, who works, still helps as much as possible.

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

SO glad that you have such a great support system!! I couldn't do it without my Mom!! Wonder if I could sign James up for some sort of all star team to get my meals covered??? LOL, know of any that will take a 35 year old? Hang in there!!