have a chewy baby?

Trevy...all my kids actually...has always been a chewy kinda kid.

In fact, ages ago our EI bought him one of those fancy shpancy super expensive oral sensory kangaroo things. They vibrate to provide more oral sensory feedback. Would have been great. Except Trevor figured out shortly how to unscrew the thing and chew on the batteries instead!

Since his hemi Trevy is even more chewy! So Grams, the kids and I went on a chew toy expedition yesterday.

And found this wonderful little
Infantino number at our local Walmart!

(ours is purple for epilepsy)

I LOVE it! Same concept as the super expensive sensory catalogue gizmo. Except no special needs label so you can purchase it for MUCH less! $5-ish dollars. Plus...it's all one piece so nothing to unscrew and choke on!

I recommend
this product for any parent of a chewy kid!


JSmith5780 said...

I noticed the chewing in the kissy video.

Connor was a chewer and still puts everything in his mouth. He's 5, you'd have thought it would have ended by now!

Dawson said...

Love it and love all other chew toys. Dawson is very orally fixated and we might have to go buy one of these because last night I saw him chewing on couch cushions

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

You know what? Connor has actually never been a chewy or put things in his mouth sort of kid. He still uses a paci more often than I would like, but whatcha going to do???

It drives me insane how these companies drive up the price of items just b/c they are for special needs use. Should be illegal! I like the cute little strawberry!

Adesta said...

So far, Kym is the only one who wants to put everything in her mouth....but I'm thinking that's because she's been teething non-stop for about 5 months now. Got one tooth...19 more to go! lol

That's a cute toy and I had to laugh at the "chew toy expedition" line....made me think of chew toys for dogs.....sorry Trevy, you certainly do not look like a dog!!!

Sinead said...

Surgery made Emma chewy too. Celery and carrots are good chew toys. Emma eats yard so raw vegetables are a good substitute. Our OT gives us chew toys free of charge. Maybe she charges EI - not sure...

Land of Nod sells a toy called "Sophie the Giraffe" which is a really great chewing teething toy.

Its shocking how surgery turns on the chew compulsion. One of these days I'll send you a shot of the crib.

Jackson's Blog said...

That's funny! Jackson has the exact same chewy toy that we bought at Target in Missouri on the way home after surgery. He was already in need before we even got home and it was a life saver. He did eventually tear some of the end off...but it took a long while! ;-)

baby trevor's mommy said...

Adesta...my mom says we sound like we're calling a dog everytime we say "Come, Trevy!" :)


Adesta said...

oh no D!!! :) Poor little guy!

Katy said...

Omigosh--we got mad love for the vibrating teethers at this house. Charlie's starting to grow out of it, but that how I first stregthened his grasp--letting him hold one in his hand--he hated to let it go!