he'll hold his booze

I'm convinced that the drugs have done it to him.

Built up a high tolerance to sedatives.

I mean, he's been on hard core seizure meds for how long now? Yeah...exactly. Which is why I'm convinced that he's untouchable with the sleep meds. And has a tolerance of steel. A tolerance that leads to events like today's.

See...we were just supposed to be there for an easy peasy CAT scan. Not an all day event!
Nothing to worry over. It was simply follow up stuff. The only reason I'm even a smidge of curious about the results is because Trevy has been VERY sensitive to all things head-ish. He hasn't been acting like he's in pain. And no throwing up since that virus made rounds. Certainly no exhaustion. It's just not pleasant putting shirts on these days. Or pouring water over his head. Things that Seizure Trevy didn't mind at all. Seizure Free Trevy...not digging it. Let me take this opportunity to insert (for you, Ken) that otherwise...he is doing AMAZING! I know I haven't said much about his recovery. It's just that I want to share it well. I'm not a whip it out kinda blogger. I need time...to sit...and think...and visit one of my favorite websites - Thesaurus.com. And I just haven't had the chance. Because turns out Amazing Boy is also Needy Boy! Anyway...all that to say...I'm sure the scan will be 100% A okay. Just the way we like it. It's just that I'ma smidge curious enough that I emailed Dr. Neuro already. No word yet.

The CAT scan being the easiest among all the neurological testing we've ever had to endure. And we've been through some neuro hoops. We opted against the IV med route. Choosing instead to use the nasal Versed.

20 minutes and a completely darkly hushed room later...Trevy was still wide eyed. And over-using (if such a thing is possible when you've only just learned to say a word consistently!) his new word.

The quiet was punctuated with random "hi"s. In varying pitch and decibel.

So Nurse Practitioner gave him something else. I don't remember the name. But I do remember where it went. Up the...ahem!

Another 20 minutes later and Trevy was now not just saying "hi" every five minutes. He was also punch happy. And giggling with his "hi"s. I have a feeling he'll be a happy drunk.


Sooooo...another round of up the boot we go.

Still no sleepy. I'm fairly sure we were all exasperated by that point! So a joint decision was made to take him the scan room and just try. All they needed was a few seconds of calm. And that was all they got. The rest was screaming. And fighting. And kicking. Or trying rather. He was swaddled up like a baby bunting. And strapped with a large velcro band to the sterile white table. That moved up and down and into the big open circle scanner. While Trevy pitched a fit. And mommy n' daddy serenaded him with every toddler tune we could think of.

Until the machine booted down. Then he decided it was time to sleep of course. Seriously. It was lights out.

Thankfully the images were enough according to Dr. Radiologist. Plus, I hit the nurse jackpot! So happened that one of the girls knew a thing or two about cutting hair. So we took advantage of the sleepy time. And gave Trevy a new...much shorter...do! It looks much better...says Obsessive Me!

We chatted a bit while she was snipping here, there and everywhere. Of course, the topic of his scar came up. She asked what type of surgery he had and why. I broke out my little memorized shpeal. With which most people usually just politely nod along. Not Nurse Beauty Shop. When I told her he had his entire left field (as Dr. Rockstar would say) removed...she stopped mid-snip and said (and I quote)...

"No Shhhhhmack!"

Okay...so Conservative Me edited. But you get the idea!

I laughed out loud. Then proceeded to thank her for treating it like the big deal it is! Cause, honestly, it's a little creepy to get the polite nod when you tell someone that the scar...running from front to back of his little two year old head...is covering the area where there used to be a left hemisphere. And now isn't.

I think radical brain surgery is worth a potty word or two.


Anonymous said...

HA! Glad to hear I'm not the only one confused by people's reactions. I guess I can understand the doctors and nurses who have seen everything. I had a neighbor who acted like Ryan's surgery was not much worse than a broken arm. Whenever I expressed concern about Ryan's development, she would comment that her son's speech was delayed too, but now everythings great, so there's no need to worry. Huh? Her son had his whole brain and never had anything worse than a cold!

Glad to hear everything is going well.

Erin M.

JSmith5780 said...

of course it was lights out AFTER the scan. All that fighting is tiring :-)

Can't wait to see his new 'do

Anonymous said...

Yea, I thought for sure there would be a 'do photo at the end....but then, I did enjoy the entire post.

Esp your secret thinking-and-using Thesaurus.com pre-post.


MORE especially that he is doing AMAZING.

Because fricklemyfunnybone, he had some rad scalpelpartingneuronremoving surgery.

I think big words beat potty talk. But that's just me. ;)


Sinead said...

I think running out of milk is worth a potty word or two...

All these things are great signs. "Best patient ever" means brain so messed up with epileptiform activty that the world passes by. "my child is so good during (insert medical procedure)" means brain so messed up by seizures did not know what was happening. You're in for a huge shock when you have your next EEG hookup... This is great!! He is reacting like a normal child. He is fighting against medical stuff. They call me the baby whisperer in the hospital cause I can calm Emma by singing. The last three CTs we did were without sedation. "Old MacDonald" is not a sedating song by the way but "Frere Jacques" and "How much is that doggy in the window" are.

Glad Trevor is doing so well. He had major surgery but it was done by a rockstar. That counts for something. Its intense because he is processing the whole world now, not just what his brain let slip through the gates. Welcome to the whole world Trevor. Theres so much to feel, taste, see, smell, hear.

Adesta said...

Had to laugh reading that the more drugs that were given to him to knock him out just made him more wide awake. I could just imagine hearing him sing-songing his hi's.....too cute.

Glad they were able to get a scan done though. But as Jen said, of course he fell asleep after....Murphy's Law....gets ya every time!

Is Trevy's hair still curly?? I love those curls of his!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Uncle Nathan was a little boy. He reacted the very same way! Must run in the family. Go, Trevor!! Kisses and hugs all around!! Bibi

baby trevor's mommy said...

Okay so here's the picture deal. I take TOO MANY! And I can't upload anymore until the hubs buys me an external hard drive. Right now...my laptop is shutting down at least 3x a day because of memory overload. Sorry guys...you'll have to wait for a peek at his new do!

Erin...seriously! People are weird!

Jen...kids! And he was out out. Not just lightly out. lol

Barbara...I like to throw out a skeleton in the blogger comment truth randomly! And I really DO love Thesuarus.com! I also loved your big word usage!


"Its intense because he is processing the whole world now, not just what his brain let slip through the gates. Welcome to the whole world Trevor. Theres so much to feel, taste, see, smell, hear."

Thank you for saying THAT in THAT way! So beautifully said that I wished I'd thought it up!

Bibi...ha. Well, if Trevy grows up to resembled Uncle Nathan in character...I'll be happy!


Alicia said...

Oh, the joys of neurological tests! I really do think that these kiddo's will be immune to the effects of any and all illicit substances. I am not sure if that is good or bad. I am SO incredibly happy to hear that he is taking it all in. I remember describing it as a light being turned on, and suddenly he could see....everything. I am so happy for you guys. And I know there is no sweeter sound than those silly little babbly words, even when spoken incessently (spelling?).

blogzilly said...

I guess I am a 'whip-it-out' blogger I suppose. Never thought of it that way. See? Just whipped it out. Listen to that THUD!



Colby said...

I love your posts...I go from gut-wrenching empathy to laughing out loud within minutes!

As I have said before...Your boy is "waking up"....Just at the wrong times!!!!

Love y'all!


~Mama Skates~ said...

or 3!!!

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

Great story!!! I totally agree with Sinead too...it's going to be like fully living again, and experiencing everything fully. It's going to be amazing to hear of all of the new reactions that he has to the world. And how about I teared up hearing about the "hi's", i could just hear his sweet little voice saying it over and over again. Beautiful.

How about a nurse that can cut hair?? Cool beans. (Can't wait to see the pics when Jonathan buys you your nifty little hard drive!) I almost spit out my water when I read what she said too...HILARIOUS!!

Shannon said...

Just finding your blog through Erin - I clicked on your videos of Trevor's spasms and they looked familiar. Need to give you a HUGE 'thanks' shout out, I am glad you posted them to the internet. I remember watching them several months ago and self-diagnosing my little Dylan before getting in to the Neuro! I called to make the appointment and spoke of IS by name! So THANKS! You made a difference!