more than just a kiss

So I guess the good news is...

at this point I'm convinced the hurlies are viral. Rather than pressure.

I woke up smack in the middle of the other night with the room spinning. Literally. It was the weirdest feeling! The security lights peeping through the curtains began forming a swirling halo around my head. I tried laying back down and closing my eyes. Didn't much help. My world was still rolling. Reminded me of Aunt Deb who has been dealing with this vertigo feeling for awhile now. Except mine passed. And the next morning I was fine. But Aunt Deb...I can now imagine what it feels like...ugh.

This morning finds Jonathan and Bristel curled up together in bed. The bed which I covered in plastic and towels...just in case. Not to be too graphic...but Bristel is good at hitting the bucket. Toby? Let's just say I hope the bug hops right over him!


I know you guys really aren't here hoping to catch up on the latest sick news.


I know why you're here.

I know who you're stalking.

And I want to share him with you. I desperately want to. It's been burning in my heart for days now. Stealing sleep. Sadly...not appetite.

I just can't climb over this hump of how. How do I convey all of this?

I want to pour every emotion out so effectively that even the unsuspecting reader that just happens to stumble here...will feel it.

And click away changed. From the core out. By the power...by the courage...by the magnitude of not just Trevy. But of every IS child. As we...our family as a whole unit...have been deeply changed.

And so has been my soul struggle.

Because when I tell you that we have a new nickname for him.


I fret the response to be, "awwwww...how sweet".

Which although nice...misses the essential.

I crave for your hearts to jump up and over the moon likes ours does every time he plants a slobbery one on us! He's given me so many smoochies these past few days that I'm not sure my heart will ever land. It's soaring away on wings of hopful abandon!

His kisses represent a treasure that once upon a time...when the Seizure Monster was dormant...we had. But then the Beast woke. And stole the treasure away. Where it was buried under disorganized brain waves somewhere in Seizure Land. And over time thought never to be found.

See...the miracle to me is more than the the sweet lips and peeping tongue sandwich. That I can't get enough of.

It's also that the kisses have been there all along! Masked by saturating seizures. Waiting for the key to calm the storm inside and unlock the treasure chest...

And now here we are. Staring inside this glittering gleaming Hope Chest. And stealing kisses from it like there's no tomorrow...

Because our hearts still remember when tomorrow was stolen away from us.

And to us that means that sometimes...

a kiss is WAY more than just a kiss!

(now watch the video below

It's a treasure!


MJStump said...

The video was all too sweet and definitely made you go "awwww." Those who did not know you, wouldn't have seen anything other than a sweet moment between a little guy and his big sister.

This post really puts things in perspective and gets everyone to see more than that sweet moment captured on film....it was Trevy's treasure unveiled to you and all of us. There was no fools gold in that treasure chest, it definitely looked like the real deal :)

Praying that Trevy's treasure chest has no bottom to it and continues to overflow with jewels all around and for the rest of time.


Dora's Daddy said...

Well, you did it. Great post which helps capture what I can only imagine...and which reminds me to NEVER take the kisses I get for granted. So glad you share the way God works through even the most difficult trials. Thank you.

blogzilly said...

Richard, you just had to bring G into it didn't ya? Why I oughtta...

Anyway, D...you did a fine job expressing the joy you feel. And I like the new nickname. Ot's so...SWEET!


Could NOT resist.

Noah's Mom said...

You have such a way with words! I love seeing (in my mind's eye) the joy and love between you and your son (you describe it SO well!). It fills my heart with hope and more love for my son and the dream that we can share moments like yours in the near future. Thank you for sharing!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jodie and Tricia...thanks girls! Every day I am more convinced that our kids are SO beautiful! Every little thing they do is a mini-miracle. Their courgage melts me. They are amazing. And I truly feel like the luckiest mom on the planet! And I know you girls do too!

Richard...I see Jesus through Trevy (and my big kids too...just from a different angle) every day. In so many ways my faith is much richer because of Trev. HE is amazing...and gracious...and Always! Not to get all church in here. But you did bring it up! And I like to make Ken squirm! ;)

Ken...you're a brat! But the loveable kind!


Adesta said...

I always thought kisses from kids were great, but having them stolen away and then returned, must be the best darn feeling in the world!! So glad that he's become Romeo!!!

~Mama Skates~ said...

i'm so happy u're getting 2 uncover those treasures once again...& yes, this post totally made me FEEL! u just have a way with words woman...even if u don't feel like it's coming out right, u always pull me in & make me understand


Anonymous said...

Danielle, I've left a comment before, but we don't know each other. I came across this blog while reading the blog of another child with IS, and have been reading on a regular basis. I said before I don't you and I don't claim to know what you're going through--but to see your beautiful son giving kisses brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh out loud. What an awesome thing to be witness to, and how wonderful for your family to have that gift again. God bless all of you, especially Trevor as he continues to fight and WIN this battle!!!!

Katy Duddridge said...

So many kisses long overdue, enjoy!!!

(And we really hope we'll be there one day too)