romeo in action!


JSmith5780 said...

Oh yay, it's a OTM video so I can see it :)

He looks fabulous!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen...I do OTM now just for you! Also...I like that adding music is a cinch!

He does look GREAT!


Lisa said...

So sweet! You know, Julia never really gave kisses before her surgery. If you asked her to blow a kiss she would but she never did is spontaneously. Now she is a kissing monster! Gives me kisses, Daniel, Daddy...it's wonderful. So excited to see Trevor in action. And so glad that the pukies ended up being viral. We've got that going around our house now...urgh. Hope everyone feels better soon!

Alicia said...

Wow. He is amazing. I love to hear your hysterical laughter in the background. That is me....every day! Something, anything sends me laughing and screaming like little kid, whether in public or not. I love the reaction we get when we are all cheering for our Reminator in the middle of a store.

MSKMOM said...

Danielle, he looks great!!! Gotta love those sibling kisses...Bristol is really enjoying them isn't she? Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

How precious....I can hear the love and joy in your laugh.
Hugs, Sheila

Monica~ James~ Connor said...

I just love it!!! Yummy slobbery kisses!! Seizure monster: NANNER NANNER BOO BOO, he beat you!!! Yes, I just resorted to being 5 again...LOL.

Colby said...

What a way to start my day!!!! Seeing my little guy loving on his sweet sis! (I FEEL like he's one of mine now!)

Our kids have nothing but love in their hearts....Pure love! And now he can express it so much more readily!!!

This post was just nothing but beautiful....Thank you!!!

Love you guys!!!