still kickin'

I am alive.

For the curious.

Just super duper busy. As you can imagine.

Did you know I home school?

I know...I know...

I'm a little bit loopy.


I never imagined myself being one of them. In fact, Toby went to an International School while we were playing missionary in Africa. But it was pricey. Which is how my mind ever even started down this homeschooling path. Before I even had a chance to make up my mind...Providence did for me. And suddenly I was expecting our 3rd (otherwise known as last!) and we'd be heading Stateside right in the middle of a school year. Toby has a shy streak. And there was no way I could plop him into a new environment like that.

The rest is history...


Even though I have days when I look longingly up to the top of the hill. Where all the little kids gather...knapsacks on backs...waiting for the bright yellow bus.

Most days...

I don't. I love being a mommy. I love pouring my life into my children. I love seeing their faces light up with excitement over new things. I love taking them to the zoo...just because it happens to be nice outside. I love cooking with Bristel. I love reading Swiss Family Robinson with Toby...with Bristel and Trevy curled up in my lap too. I love seeing Trevy's face beam every time he sees his sibs. I love moments like just now...when Toby comes to show me his work and kiss my forehead. I'm sappy...I love melty moments.

It's one of the most rewarding (and challenging) things I've ever done in my life.

But enough with the chit-chat.

Trevy's napping...which means it's time for Bristel and mommy to spend some time learning new things together!

ps. when I get a few...I'll share some of the really beautiful Trevy melty moments too!

pss. I would also like to add that I could not do this without the support of Grams!


Bacon Wife said...

You truly are superwoman!!!
Hope today is a beautiful day for yall.

Love you bunches,

Lisa said...

I am in awe that you home school! I just don't think I have it in me (as I sit her eating guacamole and chips while Daniel naps and Julia is at school)...lazy, much?

(Me, I mean...obviously!)

JSmith5780 said...

Oh, guacamole sound good right now!

Glad to hear all is well.

Aren't moms that help the bestest thing ever!

Carolyn said...

Geez supermom. You're making the rest of us slackers look bad. ;)

MJStump said...

Ditto...you totally are SuperWoman!

I don't know how you do it...most days I can barely handle the usual things, let alone being a super mom.

Way to go mom :)

Adesta said...

From the looks of your children and how well rounded they are, I'd say that you are doing a fantastic job at homeschooling them Danielle. Can I send my kids to you??? :)