grids for Henry

As wild as it may seem from the outside...

there are things about our (crazy seizure saturated) journey in which I find great peace. Blessing even.

High on that list would be the heart-connect that forms between other seizure parents. Some of my closest friends on earth are other IS families. That connection is many times why I continue to update this silly ole' blog. Not just for it's therapuetic benefits.

Enter Henry's mommy. Who hails from England.

She followed our radical brain surgery drama as it unfolded for all of cyber space to see. I'm not sure how she found her way here. But I do know what held her. Our courageous little boys share some things in common.

Infantile Spasms.

And today...

radical brain surgery.

For the prayer warriors among us...Henry will have the invasive EEG placed.

(click here to enhance the fervency of your prayers as you're reminded how hard on the heart this will be for them)

He will remain with the grids in place for awhile...

It's a sucky sucky way to spend the holidays. And my heart breaks for you guys...you know that.

But I'm praying it will be one of the sweetest (though it may take several weeks later to feel) Christmas gifts ever!


Alicia said...

Praying for Henry, and his parents.

lisa said...

I take it they don't blog? How does anyone get through this process without blogging?!

Many prayers going out to them...this is such an impossibly difficult thing to go through, despite what an answer to our prayers it is. And at Christmas time. But it is so so worth it. Best of luck to dear Henry, and strength to his parents as they go through this process with him.

And I agree...the camraderie among IS parents is such a special thing. I feel so badly for parents pre-internet!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and thank you and thank you.

Not really much else I can say - not sure how I found you either!! (think through the IS yahoo group)

Lisa - I have never figured out the blogging thing but wish more of the Brits would do it so I could see how they got on, have found all the blogs I've read so helpful. And my husband has too as we saw pictures of scars, read stories of swelling, etc. which has really helped us prepare.

Henry is doing fine so far, had a temp spike yesterday but it went back down, he's managed to get some sleep, his right eye has swollen shut :( but otherwise we're all doing ok.

And we did our Christmas early, so we really don't mind being in now, though we are of course praying and wishing for the best present ever....
Meanwhile, we're waiting for snow!

Thanks again kt xx

Adesta said...

Keeping Henry and his family in my thoughts and prayers. It's a great time for a Christmas miracle! :) {hugs to all the IS Parents}