even the birds were chirping

It's so wild.

To wake up on the right side of the bed!

For a change.

I'm talking Toby. Silly! I've been in a funk so long now I think it's here for the winter. But Toby...he slept in late. Which seems to agree with him. As he's been quite charming and eager to help so far today.

It's also wild how warm freezing can feel. After a week of ungodly below zero degrees!

And snow. Way too much snow.

Callie obediently pooped in the white. Again. That makes at least 4 since yesterday! Although sadly...it would seem we're now trading poos outside for pees in. But I'm still claiming victory.

And as I stood outside. Coat unzipped. Cause frostbite is now hours away rather than minutes. Squinting in the sunny snow glare. Cheering wildly on the inside as the puppy squatted. Listening to the birdies (who have yet to find our Christmas bird feeder! Which makes sense. The smart ones already migrated to Disney, right?) chirping like Spring is in the air.

I stood there soaking up the rays.

And thinking.

I hope this happy start sticks. And bodes good things for my 1/2 away meeting!


Adesta said...

I've realized that my kids are in better moods when they get extra sleep too. I'm sure they were cranky this morning though after having over a week off from school and now having to get going again. Oh well, that was hubby's problem...hahaha

I wish we had as much snow as you guys do. I was looking at the pics you posted at home the other day and hubby asked where you were and was exclaiming how he is sooo happy that we didn't get that much snow....I just glared at him. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Really hope this happy start sticks :)

(and your snow doesn't....though we'd fancy a decent amount rather than the sprinkling we've had so far!)

Things going very well with H here so far, (no spasms, yey!) signs of development & lots of happiness :)

kt x

JSmith5780 said...

You have chirping birds in RI? I think all the ones in NY are frozen in their nests!