pick me up

I've been in a sucky mood the last few days. Just so much junk swirling through my heart. My head. Feeling heavy. Sad. Scary.

Shared that with a handful of friends. One of whom sent me this beautiful link. About a sweet little IS boy...and his family.

I needed a Hope pick me up today. And thought maybe you did too?


Sinead said...

You look at the world through a whole different set of eyes than Trevy. When your heart is heavy, remember that his vantage point on the world is very different. And better. He has so much potential and with the right education he will realize his potential. Every parent has to reframe their goals and dreams for their kids cause kids always find their own path. It's hard Danielle but only cause we had to reframe sooner than most and it didn't come gradually - it hit like a ton of bricks with the first spasm and the first google search.

Anonymous said...

Saw that video yesterday, it's so uplifting isn't it?

(Hugs) to you, it's a long uphill road but at least we're moving along it, right?

kt x

Joanne said...

When spring comes, it will seem brighter. I am so proud of you two doing the best for your kids, all of them. The spring will come. Rainbows come after, and only after the rain. Bibi