Monday. It begins.

The preparation for Trevy to transition. It's our first official meet n' greet.

The time has come to move on. Get the boot. Out of Early Intervention. Into the school system.

Because...it would seem...three years have whizzed by. And on April 3rd...my baby boy will no longer be classified (officially. Unofficially, he's my last. Thus making it a very real possibility that he'll always be my baby!) as a toddler. He'll be a pre-schooler.


And for whatever reason...it's all very stressful for me.


(shared in a hushed furtive tone)

...a piece of me is looking forward to moving past this crazy therapy juggling chaos...into what I hope to be a more manageable routine. Which includes a couple hours daily of "me time"!

Maybe I'll finally lose this baby weight?!

Cause seriously. Finding all those old skinny pics of me in the basement (why...oh why...did I choose to fight my cabin fever by sifting the junk downstairs?) this weekend?

Not so much with the happy with the curves philosophy!



Sinead said...

We are on the same track. Emma is three in march and she has her assessment by the preschool next Friday. She will be assessed by a nurse, OT, ST, PT, psychiatrist, social worker and I have to sit in the corner and observe. They had me fill out a load of paperwork on what she can do. Almost everything was "not yet". I don't think they read any of it cause they asked me on the phone if any of her therapists said she might qualify. The first line of her medical diagnostic says that she is functioning at a ten month level. They don't really have to look far to see of she qualifies... Apparently we are in a good school district but I am nervous cause of the two conversations I had with them by phone recently. That, and I read that the mother of a dead boy with epilepsy was suing them because he had a seizure at school, couldn't walk afterwards so they carried him on to the school bus, dropped all the other kids home and then dropped him to the ER where he couldn't be revived and was pronounced dead. That was two years ago. I plan to ask them what changes they have instigated in two years. I want Emma in preschool. She needs contact with other kids. It will be good for her but only if they can accomodate her needs. She needs constant attention or she will run off and climb into something dangerous. I don't want them strapping her to a seat to achieve that. It's a scary transition. I really want the best for her and I can't give her that at home since I work full time.

Anonymous said...

We are way ahead of you, but each transition is hard. We just had the meeting for what we expect after high school...yikes! He still has 3 1/2 years left, but the earlier the better for getting into programs, etc.

I know that you will be on top of things, but from my experience those parents who are highly involved in a postitive, good natured way are the ones who the teachers appreciate. Trevor has had great care and as hard as it was to let him go, it has been so good for him. He is counting the days until he goes back to school because he loves it. The routine, and his friends...so good for him. Anyway, good luck, be happy and be the mom that you are!!


Debbie said...

I too have that meeting right around the corner,as Hudson turns 3 in May.

The difference is, being he has Mito, and can't walk or communicate, and is my complete and total baby, in every way... I can't even consider sending him...it would just be babysitting and exposing him to colds and sickness...so for me...unless we get a miracle in the next 5 months...its a joke...the whole idea of "school" ...not even a consideration...feel blessed you can consider this for Trevy.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Oh sheesh Sinead...worst nightmare! I'm guessing we probably share a lot of the same concerns...we'll have to swap notes.

Sheila...I don't think I can mention enough how happy I am that we found each other! I love your "been there" input! Actually...I meant to tell you that I have your Christmas card hanging in the kitchen and Toby is SO fascinated that you have a Trevor who had brain surgery too! He LOVES asking questions...and getting to know you guys! It's super cute!

Deb...I do feel blessed. And heart broken at the same time. I know these next few months are going to tear your heart to pieces. I don't know if your state has any services in place to help Hudson have access to therapy at home? So you don't have to expose him to the pee-tree dish that is preschool? And I don't even know if you'd be interested anyway. Just thinking out loud.

Sinead said...

Sure thing. I will let you know how it goes. Everything starts from the day you register and when they say the have 60 days to respond they mean days the school is open. So 60 days is 12 weeks and then you add in service days, holidays, spring break and it quickly gets you up to the April date. Get all your paperwork in order now and register with the district immediately if you have not done so already otherwise there might be a break in therapy when the third birthday rolls around. I can't believe my baby is nearly three.

JSmith5780 said...

I had such a hard time (mentally) transitioning Connor into a pre-school setting, but he truly flourished there. I hope the same for Trevor and Emma and all the other kids getting ready to transition.

Deb- even if Hudson can't communicate, he still has a brain that needs to be engaged. Don't count him out!