Said by Toby about his sister during a recent battle of the siblings...

And she even scratched my butt when I was trying to retreat!

I love being this kid's mommy!


Recently we found ourselves strolling toy aisles on the mission of spending some belated Christmas mulah. We happened upon the baby doll aisle. Not a shocker When you live with a girl... Most of which were the kind that are motion activated to coo and cry and say "mama mama". Bristel looked around wide eyed before seriously saying...

These dolls are creeping me out!


I had a meeting to attend the other morning. Which is why I was smoothing on make up and trying to make the best of my really-needs-me-to-find-salon-time hair. Bristel was hanging over my shoulder watching me.

Are you trying to look fancy, mommy?

Ummmmm...I guess so. I shrugged.

Well, if you're trying to look fancy you should wear your wedding dress!

Punctuated by...

Isn't that a great idea?

I love having an adorable little girl who is full of (it) great ideas!


Taken from an email response to my pissy post...

I was thinking computers should come with "handling while pissy warnings."

I love having friends who make me laugh!


Jonathan to me after I immediately emailed something funny he said to the person about whom it was said...

Sheesh...a guy can't say anything when his wife is a blogger.

I love being married to a sweet wonderful guy...who has a knack for making me laugh!


Toby about Bristel who was playing outside and singing at the top of her lungs...

If she keeps it up...she'll break the sound barrier!


Bristel to daddy about the poo she'd just produced (let's just say...she's taking the Activia challenge)...

Wow...it's HUGE!

::flash dimple::

And HUGE is healthy!


And yes...today's my birthday.




Adesta said...

I love the things that kids come up with!!!


Happy Birthday Danielle!!! Hope your birthday is a great one!!

MJStump said...

love this post..its cute and makes me smile too! thanks for that :)

Happy Day to you today!

blogzilly said...

Happy Birthday.

34. So young. I would LOVE to be 34 again.

That was pre-shaved days...when I was in the middle of choosing comb-over, Hair Club, or shaving.

Those were the days.

JSmith5780 said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

34...yikes??? I'm 34. I think. I tend to forget. Anyway, have a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Your ENTIRE family is all too cute. A lot of fun times to be had in your household.

Sophie said to me the other day when I was trying to do speech therapy with her at home..."no talk". Thought that might make you smile. Have a WONDERFUL day.

Debbie said...

Loads of good birthday wishes sent your way!

Holli said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your birthday was a good one :)

Your kids are FAB!

My 3yr-old when asked why he was 'playing with himself' - just stroking willy so it feels loved.....jaw-droppingly, eye-wateringly funny!!

kt x

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns!


Colby said...

What a great, fun post for your birthday!!!

34? Try 52!!!!!!

HaPpY BiRtDaY!!!

Cyndi Lou

JSmith5780 said...

Elaine, I had to laugh at your comment. I always just used to *know* how old I was, now I need to stop and do the math and then figure out if I've had my birthday yet this year ;)

I'm 34 also, a good age I suppose.

Mrs. M said...

Your kiddos are one of a kind! So fun!