upcoming parent workshops for the locals

Rhode Island Parent Information Network

presents the following workshops


Date: 03/02/10

Title: Individualized Education Program (IEP): A Blueprint for Student Success (transition)

Location: Cranston

Presenter: D. Kriner

Date: 03/04/10

Title: Transition from Early Intervention

Location: Providence

Presenter: V. Palmisano

Date: 03/11/10

Title: Basic Rights in Special Education

Location: Providence

Presenter: K. Kuiper


Click here for a full listing of all the workshops offered by RIPIN. All workshops are free of charge to attend but registration is required two weeks in advance. To register or to schedule future workshops, contact Suzanne Tobin at 401.270.0101 x123 or Tobin@ripin.org. RIPIN reserves the right to cancel workshops due to low registrations.

Ummm...and if you plan to attend any of these events make sure you email me! Cause that just may motivate me to find a sitter!


blogzilly said...

Do you have any locals you chill with that are having similar situations?

Jen started going to an Autism support group once a month. I wish I could go, but I can't since one of us has to stay with the kids.

baby trevor's mommy said...


There is a mommy group that meets weekly during Trevor's play group (at his school...which also is Autism centric). Over the past year I've made some friendships with the moms there. It's been nice to bounce stuff off of them. The only issue there...is we all come from various parts of the state...and I'm the furthest away. Sooooo...we don't really "chill" except during our weekly group. Although a couple of us are planning to do dinner and a movie together soon!

There are also two seizure moms that I'm close with. One has a daughter with a history of IS who is a year older than Trev...the other has a 5 yr old son with Doose Syndrome. It's crazy...cause Ava's mom worked with my dad and I've "known" her for YEARS. Before J and I married. Before either of us had children. We weren't tight back then...but we were "friendly". Now of course...well...I consider her one of my closest IS mommy friends. One of my closest whatever friends. And the other mom has a son Toby's age which is how we met. It was when Trevy was seizure free shortly after ACTH...our big boys played baseball together. We look back now and feel like we were Supposed to meet. Noah's seizrues manifested almost a year ago. He went from normal four year old. To in the hospital having 100s of seizures daily! They started Keto...and it's been working for them so far. But we can relate on catastrophic epilepsy way. She also happens to homeschool her children...so we see eachother at least once a week.

Anyway...loooong response. Chickens burnin'...

But I do think tangible connection is an important piece to healing.