lessons (which I stole) from an irish woman (you know...cause it's St. P's day, Toby's due date and it made me chuckle)

Dear America,

For the record, a shamrock is a three leaf plant.

Saint Patrick used the three leaves to explain the mystery of the holy trinity - the father, the son and the holy spirit are three persons in the one God.

A four leaf clover is not a symbol to celebrate St. Patricks Day. What would that represent? God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Bridget from the pub...

Oh and by the way, it's Patrick or Paddy not Patty. Patty is a girls name.

an Irish Woman


Adesta said...

That is adorable!! I'm gonna have to send that to my husband! Thanks for sharing!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Mrs. M said...

That's awesome! Can't wait to share that.