Trevy's Individualized Education Plan

Trevy will be attending an integrated half day school program. Four days a week.

Integrated means approximately half of the class will be IEP kids. Half will be peer models.

Not every IEP child will be as delayed or involved as Trevy. In fact...I took Trevy to sample the class this past Tuesday. We were there about 2 hours. So I was able to soak in quite a bit. And looking around the class...chatting with his peers...doing crafts and snack time beside them...I'm guessing that Trevy may have the furthest development to make up. That is just my guess.

It is a co-taught class. Meaning there are two Special Educators. Plus one teacher's aide. To manage up to 15 children. Judging by all the name tags on the cubbies...it's a full class!

Trevy will receive...

PT once weekly for 30 minutes.

OT once weekly for 30 minutes.

And ST daily for 30 minutes.

I have been looked in the eye and promised that as the Professionals spend time getting to know Trevy. If they discover he needs more intensive therapy. It will be added. Maybe he doesn't need more OT or PT. I really don't know. But what I do know is that Trevy's deficits are very missable when observation is only surface deep. They are easier to spot as you spend time with him. Trying to put a puzzle together. Or draw. Or climb stairs and playground equipment. Safely! Or especially if you attempt to get him to manipulate small piece projects. Without eating said small pieces first. It will be interesting to see what a month. Two months. Brings.

We will also be supplementing with all out-patient therapies we can convince our insurance to approve. Right now...speech is a go. The others are pending.

Trevy will have Miss. CNA beside him at all times. He needs the extra assistance anyway...but she's lived life beside him for over a year now. And knows him. And his seizures. Almost as closely as I do...almost...


And for me that was the most essential piece. I didn't go the extreme of removing half his brain...to now be flippant about his seizures. The reason I am so passionate about having seizure seeing eyes on him at all times is layered. I think my heart has not fully healed from his first relapse. Which the chief of pedi neurology at our local hospital thought was just an innocent tic. He was wrong. It was the Monster called Infantile Spasms back to haunt us. Another layer was formed in watching him during his time at Groden. Where we joined an EI playgroup. The goal is to prep the children (and mommies) for when the the time comes to transition into preschool. So all the mommies go to another room. While the littles stay with the teachers. I can't count the number of times he clustered...during circle while I was with him...during other activities while I watched through the window. And I was the only one who noticed the seizures. For every seizure that was noticed by a teacher...I promise there were at least 10 that were missed. At first...I would get angry. But over time I let the anger emotions go...but the understanding that special eyes need to be on him stay. That was cemented into my heart. For such a time as this. And so special eyes he will have. Packaged in Miss. CNA!

I am still on the fence about the bus. We live literally, like, two minutes from the school. I would only have him ride the bus to school. And only if he is one of the last pick ups. I'm not going to put him on a bus for a hour...when we're just minutes away! The only reason I'm even perched here on the fence anyway...is because I think he'll enjoy it. He likes rides. He likes new things. And I think he'll find the adventure of it fun.

So now we wait. Until he officially turns 3. Next Saturday. And then the truth will be known...as it becomes real life. And not just another Trevy paperwork file. Which might likely encompass a small forest by now!


JSmith5780 said...

I think him being in an Integrated class is going to be amazingly helpful. So even if he isn't getting a ton of one to one therapy, having two Spec Ed teachers is a huge resource. And of course, Miss CNA (his constant) will be great also!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Trevy! (tomorrow)

The best IEP-present was having Miss CNA with him. (Emph 'safely'.) Her ability to report/track seizures at school should be most helpful for keeping him stable.

I really struggle with how to say this....The time allotments for therapy are meaningful if you live on the premise that the amount of time is akin to the dosage of a medication. Not how I live and work in the therapy world. You can call me 'unique' or alone in that premise, but I do know a few who believe as me. So depending on the individual therapists, they might not work on hard and fast time limits.

Therapists have to work under the regs that require those time increments be included in the paperwork. Meaningfully, they might/can practice in a manner that meets the needs of prioritized students.

I think you were wise to not engage in that 'battle' this time. All is not written in stone forever with an IEP. Barbara

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen...agreed! I was on the fence about the integrated piece too. But the way Trev is just soaking and imitating...I think it's the right choice. Of course...only time will tell though! :)

Barbara...I'm SO glad you're weighing in on these posts! I truly appreciate having access to your life experience! I agree with you...the time piece isn't the most important. I put more stock into the actual people who are working on his goals with him! I hope we have some who believe along the same lines as you! I keep re-reading that post where I quoted your email. The closer his transition gets...the more I have to remind myself! Imagine the mess I'd be if he were my 1st...and not my 3rd!!!


MJStump said...

we have a little ways to go before we are doing the IEP for Kylie, but it sounds like everything is really falling into place.

it sounds like Trevy is in some really good hands with having the integrated classroom, and his therapies at school, and Miss CNA right by his side. i'm with you on that one....i don't think i would be able to let go of that just yet.

so excited for you guys and sending hugs and prayers because even though things are progressing so well, it is very draining and hard to fall into the newness of everything.

hugs, love, and prayers,

Keri V. Kennedy said...

Wanted to let you know that even though he will only get PT and OT for those specific times, he will still be getting PT and OT unofficially throughout the day. Every time the class works on a puzzle and the teacher helps him, every time they go play on the playground and the aid helps him climb on the structure. EVERY facet of every day.
If he gets snack or lunch at school - someone will be working with him to help him use a utensil to eat.

So don't worry about the actual time alloted to PT or OT. That sounds about right.
Hang in there!

Sinead said...

One other thing:if you want them to work on other things there are sneaky ways to do it. Like say if you wanted them to work on feeding with a spoon then send yogurt for snacktime instead of dry snacks...

Adesta said...

D, I was going to mention the same as Keri did about the OT and PT....those 30 minute sessions are just dedicated times for those therapies, but he'll be receiving this help constantly.

Just wait, in two months he will have gained so much and you'll look back in wonder and amazement that he was ever as delayed as he was.

And I agree, as long as he is one of the last students to board the bus, let him take it! It will help him form some independence...even if you aren't ready for him to do that! *smile*

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I know I am late in this comment but I just wanted to say it sounds like a great IEP. He will be getting so much more therapy than that in reality. Because every little activity they do works on some aspect or another. And he will learn so much from his peers.