A birthday poem borrowed for Trevy

Birthday Poem for Cody (borrowed for Trevy)

3 years ago, on this day at 5:30pm, I heard the words...

"you have a healthy, perfect baby boy!"

That's what they told me.

They told me you were healthy - there was nothing to fear.

That's what they told me.


What they didn't tell me....

was that 6 months later my world would topple

they didn't tell me...they didn't know...

that you weren't healthy

They didn't tell me I'd never stop crying


They also didn't tell me...

I'd given birth to a hero

They didn't tell me...

God created a warrior in my womb

That every day of your life you would put on your armor and fight a battle no human should have to fight

and that you'd do it with bravery unlike this world has ever seen

They didn't tell me.

They didn't tell me.


If I'd have known who I would meet on this day

3 years ago

I would have shrunk from the duty.

Not because I didn't want the pain. Not because I didn't want you.

But because I'd have know how unworthy I was of you.

And still am.

They didn't tell me that you'd raise me - not the other way around.

That all of life's lessons are hidden in your embrace.

3 years old.

Yet you've lived more life, lived more pain, than most would know in a lifetime.

They didn't tell me how much I could love.

How small I could feel.

How your illness has healed me.

Of selfishness, pride, fear.

You - perfect you.

They didn't tell me....

I'd given birth to a minister

who preaches a sermon with his smile

who lives in hospital rooms and in Doctors offices...

yet who still, after hours of having wires glued to your little head and monitors attached to your body...

after being poked, prodded, tied down - unable to move an inch, for the umpteenth time...

that you would manage the sweetest, purest, most innocent smile.

A sermon in your smile.

Oh, Happy Birthday, my darling one!

--- Read more about the author, Shawna Graves, and her son Cody's courageous journey. Thank you, Shawna, for baring your soul and letting me borrow it to bare mine ---


Lisa said...

That was beautiful! Is Trevy's birthday today? If so...happy birthday dear boy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday dear Trevy :)

Lovely poem!

kt x

Abbe said...

made me get misty-eyed. happy birthday, dear trevy! and hugs to all of you. (ps - i'm LOVING the new blog design!)

MJStump said...

the borrowed poem from shawna is so perfect and just says it all. makes me cry...then again, what doesn't :)

happy birthday to you big boy!

JSmith5780 said...

Shawna is amazing. Her words are so moving. I miss reading them now that she's not posting.

I am glad Trevy had a great birthday and I hope he is feeling better today.

Love the new picture at the top.

Adesta said...

Happy Belated birthday Trevy! So sorry I missed wishing you one on Saturday, but we were busy celebrating three birthdays of our own! April babies are the best aren't they!? *I say that cuz I'm an April birthday and one of those b-days was mine we celebrated! And also my youngest*

Hope all are feeling better.

Landon's Mom said...

Happy Birthday...a little late! This made me cry, because I feel the exact way for my little guy. Prayers for you all!

Colby said...

This was just beautiful....

Thank you for always touching my heart....