community event

The Children's Neurodevelopment Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital


Epilepsy Parent Conference

Saturday. May 15th. 8am - noon

George Auditorium
Rhode Island Hospital
593 Eddy St.
Providence, RI

(reservation free of charge but required - 401.444.4800)

Conference Schedule

8 - 8:45am

check in outside George Auditorium

8:45 - 9am

opening remarks

9 - 9:30am

Epilepsy 101 - presented by Dr. John Gaitanis, MD, Director, Pediatric Epilepsy, Hasbro Children's Hospital

9:35 - 12 pm

The following workshops will be offered at hourly intervals

School Issues - transitioning from EI; understanding IEPs and 504 plans; working with your child's school nurse/nursing plan

Parent and Family Support - managing anxiety, depression and social isolation

Transition to Adulthood - assisting your child with the transition to independance

Twenty-one and Still Dependant - planning for the post school age years, including legal issues, guardianship, SSI, financial planning, trusts and insurance

Treatment Options - future for treatment, research, new meds, surgery, ketogenic diet and alternative therapies

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Mrs. M said...

I love the Happy Mommy title!
Elmo & Cookie Sandwich Maker....came from a store here called Home Hardware...it's Canadian...but I would think it should be widely available elsewhere?
Keep informing people on IS info...it's such a great help for everyone, affected by IS or not.