cool school

A ton of people asked me about the super kewl keyboard Trevy scored for his b-day.

It's called Cool School by Fisher Price. Click the picture above to learn more.

It plugs into your computer with a USB. Jonathan just recently hard-wired our computer to our tv...so it's really nice because the idea is Trevy can play his keyboard and watch what he's doing on the tv screen. I'm hoping it will provide a two-fold learning op. 1) He'll associate his keyboard with the tv and stop banging on mine 2) The bigger screen will help him see what he's doing by providing a bigger field.

The games are all over his head right now...and he much prefers banging on the keyboard. But we're gonna keep working at it. And Bristel already volunteered to be his peer-model at home!



Dawson said...


The pen looks like a great oral stimulation tool ha

along with the wire, the cards, and the CD LOL!!!

Seriously though, it looks like a cool toy.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Indeeeeeeed!!! :)


Anonymous said...

It looks so cool, but not sure we have it over here yet :( have done a quick search and not found it. oh well, time to save the pennies/persuade the husband I guess!

kt x

Anonymous said...

Very kewl!

Adesta said...

Thanks D. Will have to look into that for Kym...although I'm sure my other two will want to play it too!!! lol