Easter OT (sprinkled with ST & if you're clever perhaps even some PT)

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So I found these really cute little Easter Eggs at Target the other day.

They were pre-filled. Which already gave it an A+ in my book.

But the fact that they were filled with something other than candy is what has me itching to go back for more!

These eggs were filled with Little People...Seasame Street figurines...HotWheels...Playdough...and more! I'm partial to the Little People and SS ones because Trevy is so chewy. But honestly...there are just SO many fun ways to use these things!

Especially after watching Miss. Speech play a similar game with Trevy this week. There were lots of great factors to this little game!

It fed Trevy's cause & effect addiction! Opening and finding and replacing and shutting. Kept his attention for at least 2-3 minutes in a row!

Inside the eggs were hidden little animal figures. Which Miss. Speech used as ques to help Trevy work on their various sounds or actions. Trevy likes to hop hop hop like a bunny. He's very into movement too!

It's a great OT work out for kiddos like Trevy...who favor one side of their body over the other and need to be encouraged to use both hands!

He could carry the little basket around the room. Which is a great pre-Easter prep tool!

Anyway...I thought it was just the greatest! And just had to share the wealth!

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