True confessions.

I have never liked my blog's name.

I chose it quickly. And under emotional duress. For two years I've wished I'd had more energy to be clever.

Not to mention the official title I wanted was Dear Trevor. I was going to write each post as a journal entry to Trevy. For him to read some day.

But a couple chicks had already snagged the deartrevor.blogspot domain. They'd written a single post to some dude with a great name. Who...from what I could tell...had no clue they existed in the first place! Very irksome. But really...I wasn't in love with that blog title either.

And you know the old saying...

All things work together for good...

So all this to say. I'm seriously mulling retitling Trevy's blog. I am doing a bit of research about the best...most seamless...way to accomplish this.

Consider yourself head-upped.


Mrs. M said...

Sister! You're in my head....as I've been thinking similar thoughts about our blog. The title doesn't reflect it...and I want the address and title to match. I've not done the research on going through the change though.
Can't wait to hear about your findings!

Adesta said...

I never knew that you could change the name.

And I love the new title!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Love it. Love it. Love it. You got a way with words and this title fits your blog perfectly.

The Jacob Fund said...

I tried this with an old blog and it worked... Export this blog and save it to your hard drive (settings - basic - export blog). Then go to your dashboard and select "create a blog". Once you have your new address, select "import blog tool" and browse your downloads to select the exported blog... This blog will still exist until you delete it so your last post can give your forwarding address.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Elaine...I'm cheesy...and it means the world that you LOVE LOVE LOVE the new name! :)


Anonymous said...

I like the new name, too!

Sinead said...

But now I can never think of you as Mrs. Shope.