nothin' says "I'm ready" like Elmo

Trevy had a FABULOUS first day at school!

All decked out in his birthday backpack & duds. He was SO ready for a day filled with fun, friends & learning!

And his teachers had nothing but praises to share over him.

I even heard he's already crushing on one of them!

Which I'm okay with...

so long as he still comes running to snuggle me like he did today at pick up!

It was such a precious moment...

that I changed my mind about the bus thing.

I was going to have him ride both ways...since we're so close n' all.

But seeing his face light up when he saw me waiting...


it made me a flake. And I called to change my mind!

He'll take the bus in the am.

Mommy'll be waiting for the running snuggles in the afternoon!

I may catch some cyber judgment here...but I'll still chance admitting....

That I kinda enjoyed a handful of hours Trevy (the cutest menace) free.

I didn't work out like I'd promised myself I would. But Toby & Bristel had a wonderful book learning time. And I cleaned the house! Including vaccuming & mopping! With the steam mop!

I find cleaning is therapuetic for my soul.



So all things said and done...

I don't think I could have asked for a more lovely first day!


Debbie said...

yeah for you...we sound do much alike....cleaning therapy...workout resolutions that never some to fruition...wait...
isn't cleaning house and working out the same thing? it's called multi-tasking!

Glad your time away was good!

Lisa said...

Aww! So glad he had a great first day!

JSmith5780 said...

So glad he had a great first day!!!

And you totally deserve those few hours for some time for you AND Bristel & Toby!! DO NOT feel guilty!

MJStump said...

great to hear that trevy had such a fantastic firt day of school! super cute that he is already crushing on one of the teachers :)

also glad to hear that you did so well on his first day too!


Megan said...

That's great! I hope he makes lots and lots of progress!!

Ella had HER first day of school today. I didn't realize until this day just exactly how much time I spend taking care of my girl. I love it and I love her but it's a lot. I have big plans. I didn't quite have the oodles of time that I thought I would since my oldest is home from school with a stomach bug, but I hear you about having some time to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!

Yea, housekeeping therapy - I think they call it that. ;)

Adesta said...

Ah...Do you hear that? No? Of course you don't, that's because Trevy is in school! hehehe

So glad that his first day went so well! I think it will be easier for him to take the bus in the mornings too....less seperation anxiety going on. And I hear ya on wanting those snuggle moments when you pick him up. I always am excited to get snuggles from all my kids when I pick them up, whether it's off the school bus or from Gramma's house after work. Thankfully, none of my girls think they are too old for snuggling! :)

Colby said...

I remember Colby's first day...He was Trevy's age....I left him for two hours! That was a BIGGIE for me!

I am glad to hear that you are going to be picking him up every day...I always took Colby both ways, and I wouldn't trade ANYTHING for going into that classroom every single day...You can learn an awful lot more when you can do a "daily snoop"....The stories I could tell!!!

I came to cherish those school hours just as you will...We all need a little time to re-charge!
It makes for a happier mommy!!!


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I am SO HAPPY that the first day went so well. I do the same thing with the bus. Sophie takes it in the morning because there is no way I could get all 3 kids in the car and Sophie to school on time. But my MIL comes over in time to watch the 2 little ones so that I can pick her up in the afternoon. She is always so excited to see me plus it gives me a chance to talk to her teachers to see how her day went.