a sweet (Spring Break) moment

Trevy has developed a recent passion for all things vehicular. Cars. Trucks. Trains. You name it. Before surgery he enjoyed cars too. He liked to make the wheels spin. It's different now. He drives them for a handful of seconds. Like a little boy should. And according to him they all say "bee bee". He has a knack for the partial words. Approximations as the Speech Therapists of the world like to say.


He's 100% boy. For sure.

So this morning I was trying to keep the crankies at bay with outside play. Trevy has always had a passion for the outdoors too. So there we were. Soaking in the sun. And running circles around the house. Sneakers and bare feet getting slick from the still dewy grass. Which I really hope the turf builder starts working it's magic. Not a fan of the patchy lawn.

When down the road comes barreling a humongous Home Depot 18 wheeler hauling a neighbor's delivery.

We live on a fairly quiet street. Not much 18 wheeler action in our little New England community. So it drew all of our attention. All being...myself, Bristel, Grams...and Trevy. Who raced to the streetside fence and stopped wide eyed. Binky hanging by a thread through his gaping smoochers. A bit of drool sparkling rainbow-y on his chin. As the big rig pulled to a stop right up alongside our yard. So close that if the pickets were just a twitch further spread he could have reached through and touched it.

Home Depot Dude smiled down at him as he hung out the window. Stopped and ready for back up. He called down to his little admirer...

Maybe one day you'll be driving onea these, Little Buddy!

Trevy just gawked. Shaggy curls shifting in the slight breeze. Eyes sparkling with joy and little boy wonder. As he watched the truck back up the neighboring street. He did finally point and approximate "truck". Followed by "bee bee". Which was really nothing short of amazing.

I just love those sweet moments.

Those joy and wonder filled moments. Trevy marveling in the truck. Me in him and how radically he's changed. Changing. Grams in the Home Depot Dude's kind words to her Little Buddy. She's a sap for that stuff. Bristel in the flowers that she thought she'd successfully sneaked a pick of.

My thoughts vary from day to day. Because each day brings it's own moments. Not all are sweet. Though it's been trending in that direction a lot lately.

And if you asked me today. Right now. How things are going.

I'd say...



Lisa said...

That IS so sweet! Doesn't the change just take your breath away? We just went down another notch in the Vigabatrin and are seeing all kinds of positive things with Julia too. Today she insisted on wearing a bow in her hair to school. Used to be she'd ask for one and rip it out about 5 minutes later. She carefully patted her bow as we drove to school to make sure it was still there...and when I picked her up...she hadn't lost it! A little thing to some but for her to be aware of and appreciate something that is out of her direct sight is big for her.

JSmith5780 said...

I'd say I need a picture, but you really painted the scene so beautifully it wasn't necessary.

The miracle recovery moments, moments where you can see things clicking in your kids brains as they recover, are moments that will live with you always. No parent of a typical child and quite understand what these mean to us.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Lisa...definitely steals my breath! I just never imagined...I couldn't imagine...it's beautiful!

Jen...it was such a Kodak moment that I wanted to vividly describe it...sine I didn't have the camera ready to capture it! Thanks for making me feel like I made my goal! (((hugs))) Love you, hon.


blogzilly said...

Isn't it interesting how the perspective changes day to day, or even moment by moment. One day, it feels like we face mountains, another it feels like we are going downhill, with warm wind in our face.

Nice story.

Does Trevor get fascinated by the wheels on vehicles?

baby trevor's mommy said...

Trevy has always been fascinated with things that spin. Much like you describe in Bennett. It used to freak me out. A lot. Because of the autism concern. He still spins the wheels on his cars...but it seems like lately he's really playing with them "appropriately". (I kinda hate that word) Before it was spin first...be hand over hand forced to play after. Now it's drive the car for minute...pick it up spin the wheels...put it back down and drive again. I was thinking today...that I wonder if he was so hung up on the spin-factor before because he was able to make sense of that. Wheels are made to spin. He got that. But that was pretty much it. Now that his brain can process things more fully...he gets that wheels can spin AND he can push the car and make them roll.

I sure wish he could tell me himself...instead of my trying to speculate myself to death! :)


Mrs. M said...

Awww....it all just touched my heart and made it smile...then the Home Depot Dude brought tears to my eyes.
Trevy and his newfound world are a bring example of how little things...like playing with cars & trucks...are really HUGE miracles.
I remember when my little boy only lined up vehicles and then moved them from one station to the other around the room...just lining them up over and over and over again...so when it progressed to actually driving...well, hot damn! (oops!)
It's just fabulous to see Trevy growing and progressing.
Enjoy these happy moments. Embrace them.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

It is moments like these that get us through the not so easy moments. I just want to sit and savor each and every second of those moments. Just soaked them into my soul to never be forgotten.