duly noted

Have you noticed the new name yet?

happy being trevy (dot) com

I'm in love with the new name!

SO many layers to it!

Totally spot on! And someday I'll write a lengthy sappy post about how it was inspired. Someday.

But it should be duly noted that it's happy being trevy...


happy being trevy's mommy


trevy's happy family


Today actually started out really sweet...

til' I tried to arrange having lunch delivered to Jonathan.

Today marks one year since Babu left us.

And I thought flowers first...

but I'm Italian. (AND he's looking skinner than me lately!)

But the only place that delivers to his building is Chinese. Not really in the mood. And the guy at the Market located in the same parking lot couldn't figure out how to manually run my credit card through the machine.

I swear sometimes I feel like I'm an idiot magnet or something.

Which is why...again...this blog is not called Happy Being Trevy's Mommy!

Although he did look awfully happy staring out the window as the big yellow school "buh" pulled away from the curb this morning. His happy is a little bit contagious.

I also feel better now that I called Jonathan and sobbed out my attempt at letting him know I actually thought about him today!

He said it's the thought that counts...


JSmith5780 said...

love the name AND the new pic up top!

happy's mommy said...

I only wish that pic wasn't SO fuzzy! Because I love it too!


Anonymous said...

Jonathan's a good man. Remembering the anniversary is a sign of love.

i-magnet. Would laugh but laughing might get me in trouble with r-word-ban-people who are closely scrutinizing an i-word-ban.

I know the feeling though. Among certain organizations we frequent coughchurchcough are staff that frequently fail to meet our expectations.

The saying around our house is that "it was not her turn to have the brain today" - having decided these organizations tend to hire for use of a shared brain.

Ah, well, just another comment from me you might want to delete.
Your friend, Barbara

happy's mommy said...

No deletion today!

And actually I think I might agree with you about the R word drama. I don't have a problem with the word itself. I'm a writer. I like words. Especially words that evoke strong emotions. I have a problem with the spirit behind the word. And the people with that spirit can say pretty much anything...and make it sound hateful. I just can't think up a clever T-shirtable slogan.


JSmith5780 said...

I actually like that the picture is fuzzy. It makes it that much "artier".

Colby said...

LOVING the new name and, of course, the "action" photo!

I agree with you on the "R" word, Danielle....You are absolutely right...It is the SPIRIT behind the word that gets to me....Even after all these years....Used in a medically descriptive way, I got no prob w/it!...Only when it is used to hurt others....It is thereby hurting my boy through others....Can't take it!!!