his own kinda suave

It wasn't his nice white teeth.

Or his beautiful eyes.

Or his baby face. Truth be told...I'm jealous of his baby's bootay smooth skin!

Or curly locks. Even if I am a big sucker for curls.

It wasn't his 6'1 frame. Although I do love that he's taller than me.

Nor was it his wry humor. He does keep me laughing.

We actually had a real live date night last week.

Not the cheering at a baseball game kind either. Although for the record...Grams keeping Trevy & Bri so we can sit on the bleachers and actually watch the game is one of our fave things to do!

But this one was the real deal. We got all dressed up. Had a gift certificate to a fancy shmancy open air seaside place too!

We arrived a bit early for our reservation and decided instead of waiting in the bar...to go for a stroll by the water.

The air was warm. The sun low on the horizon. I wore my little black dress. Jonathan matched. Except in guy clothes. We were holding hands and talking. My hair is long now. I like it better short. But alas - the ease of a ponytail. I'd curled and let it loose for our date. In a rare moment of guy observation...Jonathan noticed. And said...


::picture the scene: two 30 something lovebirds standing on a cliff overlooking the sun setting bay...the last rays making my curly highlights sparkle::

I didn't know you had Country Singer hair!


So much for romance!

Nope...it wasn't his suave way with words either!

But it was a whole mix of things not easily described that drew me to him. All the other stuff is just the icing on top!



MJStump said...

Love the pic! You look beautiful and you guys are so stinking cute...just totally smitten for one another!!

happy's mommy said...

Aw. Thanks, J! You just made my week!


Anonymous said...

AWW!! I love it! That picture is so cute and its so wonderful to see you two just as cutsie as you were in college. I love ya'll!


JSmith5780 said...

LOVE date night!! So glad you two lovebirds got out to enjoy yourselves.

Anonymous said...

You need those moments, and I'm sure you don't get them enough. The fact that you are still so in love after all you've been through is a testament to your relationship.

Mrs. M said...

Awwww....love it. Those moments are ones to be treasured.
And repeated.

Dawson said...

Im a little jealous.... ( of the date night that is) goad you guys got to enjoy a little " ya'll " time

Anonymous said...

I heart the photo of you two!

(Was this the date night earned via the respite services?)


happy's mommy said...

I find myself taking less and less pictures of me as time passes. But I do think we look awfully cute in that one! :)

Respite hasn't kicked in yet. Gotta love red tape and paperwork! But Grams graciously gave us a much needed (other than little league) date night!