Charli Update

For those who have not made it over to Charli's blog...

She came through surgery and is now on the Healing Side. As I like to call it.

But it has not been without her share of bumps.

I have been stalking her progress on FB. The most recent update is alarming for sure...

"Ok guys... I need prayers more than ever. Charli has not been herself the last 24 hrs or so, she is now having clonus on her left leg w the plantar reflex and is hyper reflexive on her L knee. With yesterdays platelets and her out of sorts signs are pointing to either increased ICP or possibly a stroke. If you pray, pray hard for my girl please. Plus they are putting in a PICC. Offically now I'm a mess"

Please keep little Charli and her beautifully brave family lifted in prayer.

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Wendi Taylor said...

I went to the blog & have been praying for this little one but, the blog isn't being updated so I didn't know how she was doing. Thanks for the update!