liar liar pants on fire

Trevy has been exceptionally chatty lately.

Now let me clarify...because I worry sometimes that the substance of what I mean is lost in bloggy translation. Chatty does not mean we're having typical little mommy and 3 year old convos on the couch. It doesn't mean we're reading Seek & Find books together. Chatty doesn't even really mean understandable. Trevy's speech is still VERY immature. Or unintelligible as Ms. Speech emailed the other day. Most of his communication comes in single word fashion. He's a noun lover too. So we hear more "doors" "cars" "boats" and such...than we do action words. In fact, I'm fairly certain the only verb he has going on is "go"? Unless you count "pa pa" which means "piggy back". And is commanded from his climbed up behind me position. Arms wrapped around my neck. And clearly demanding activity to take place.


But he's trying! And growing. And that's gobs more than we had going on 8 months ago!

And sometimes there will be a breakthrough unmistakable word.




Sorry Grams. Still no hint of your name! But if it makes you feel any better...I'm pretty convinced every time he says PopPop - he really means Grams.


We're fairly (boring or) predictable people. Jonathan typically wakes up before I do. I stumble down the stairs 30 minutes later wiping the sleep from eyes. Trevy sits in the (read his) recliner shouting HI and waving like a maniac. It's a very cute scene and always makes me smile.

In the past week the routine has changed a bit. Trevy now shouts HI, waves like a maniac and scrambles down where he begins frantically pointing at every object he knows. And by knows I mean...can approximate.

So he points and approximates. I repeat his approximation with the appropriate word. It always reminds me of The Hellen Keller movie I watched as girl. When she ran around signing all the items she'd learned.

Trevy's running and pointing at the television...


Yes, Trevy thats the TV.

running and pointing at the front door...


Yes, Trevy the door.

running and pointing at the PC...

Ewww Ewww

Yes, honey, the computer.

jumping on the couch and pointing out the window...


Outside or slide, Trevy? Which one?

Before I figure it out he's running and pointing up at his bottle which is perched as high as possible to prevent him for letting the puppy suck on it...


Great job, Trevy, you said milk!

Round and round we go for about 10 minutes. Labeling everything he currently understands about his world. Until finally he's ready to sit and snuggle for a few minutes. Which thankfully is right about the time Jonathan is bringing me my morning joe. I picked a keeper...huh?!


This post isn't really about our morning ritual.

It's about something MUCH more exciting I assure you!

Trevy's speech skills have been emerging (slowly but) beautifully! In fact, Ms. Speech feels that his vocabulary base is strong enough now that we need to move him towards coupling words together. And he's been doing okay with it. Putting two words together here and there. When prompted. Ms. Speech has also moved from using 3rd person to 1st person sentence structures. Example: Trevy is in the box to I am in the box. Hooray for progress!

So rewind to the other day when Grams (whose name Trevy literally shakes his head no when asked to say!) was over for a visit. Trevy has also been grabbing his diaper and clearly saying "pee pee". And it seems to be when he's actually...well...tinkling! So Grams has been sitting him on the potty every time she's over. Mommy's more (lazy or) laidback. Grams had just sat him on the Blue's Clues potty seat for a few minutes while I was busy doing something or other in the living room. When suddenly Trevy's running out to me. Grabbing my hands excitedly. And...cross my heart...these words came out of his lips...

I go pee pee!

Clear as day!

I gasped and shouted at Grams to see if it was in my head or if she'd heard it too! She'd heard it too!

Trevy said his very first sentence!

Of course it was a bald faced lie.


ya know! Progress is progress. Sentences first...morals next! That's what I always say!



Kelly O'Melia said...

Yay! Love it! The sentence and the lie, both very age appropriate!:)

lisa said...

That is awesome! I love to hear how excited he is about all the words he's learning...and hey, getting excited about potentially going peepee is a step in the right direction. :)

JSmith5780 said...

Such awesome progress. Great job Trevy!

MJStump said...

Way to go Trevy! Before you know it there will be a potty full of pee the next time he says it :)

I also love the morning routine of pointing and saying things...sounds a lot like our house :)

Another Mommy said...

How amazing! Just so you know I taught Pre-K, and I had quite a few kids that had trouble (read serious trouble) with speech and understanding. They didn't even babble. I know Trevy's speech is unintelligible(sp.), but it means he is trying to communicate which is so awesome. And his excitement is just amazing. He knows he is learning and that shows serious understanding.

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I have so much to say that I don't know where to start.

Yes...you definitely married a keeper!!! Or has he just learned that you are much happier after your morning cup ;)

The words are amazing. This is where it all begins. Reminds me so much of Sophie. It's there. The connections are being made.

His first sentence...wow...my heart is bursting with joy. Even if it was a lie ;)

And the signature...love it.

Debbie said...

That is way too cute, and just plain exciting!!!!

Your popsicle picture however....

is a crack up....what expressions on those way too precious faces!!

Mama Skates said...

too funny! go Trev...soon u'll be doing it too! ;0)

Sinead said...

Oh..........wow................wow. Awesome. To teary eyed to type more.

Colby said...

What total joy this post has given me!!! I am SO thrilled and encouraged for y'all!!!

Your little guy is making his way...

The seizure beast has been slain...and the learning has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!