While I was busy boo-hooing it here.

Trevy was busy woo-hooing it down the street in school!

His teachers practically ran each other down racing to greet me when I arrived to pick him up yesterday! Their sweet faces were all alight with excitement over what a fabulous day he'd had.

He must have matured a year over the weekend!

One of them cheered.

He sat for a 50 minute whole school assembly!

Raved another.

Yes...you read that right Five-Zero. I know! I'm flabbergasted too!

And that's not it either! He sat through circle time. All.By.Himself. He usually needs to be glued to a grown-up lap. But not yesterday. Yesterday...he was making big boy progress! When it was his turn at the art table he had to wait while Teacher finished up with other students. Have I mentioned that waiting and Trevy are polar opposites? But not yesterday. Yesterday...I heard that he patiently waited his turn. Without licking or eating or tearing or throwing or pulling - not a single thing. Just sitting and waiting.

Yesterday me and my hanging by a thread bone weary heart were ready to drift away on the Atlantic in a big orange blow up pool chair.

Meanwhile Trevy was busy having a FANTABULOUS day!

Even he had something to share! He came charging me in his awkward sensory kinda way. He does this adorable (to me) jerky thing with his body. Reaching out then quickly pulling back again. Rapidly. Multiple times. We call it his funky dance. It's almost like his heart desperately wants a hug...and the rest of him just can't stand the thought of how it'll feel. You really have to see it to fully appreciate it. At any rate...he came racing to me like usual. Yesterday...he funky danced while simultaneously grabbing my arm and shoving something from his hand into mine. It was very obvious he had been anxiously waiting for just this moment. I opened my palm to find a little plastic bug. Evidently...that 50 minute assembly he sat through included a bug demonstration complete with little plastic take home critters.

Cross my heart...it felt like he had been holding that little bug ALL day long. Excitedly anticipating the chance to show it to me! I promise if he had the speech ability words would have been spilling like rapids over his sweet little lips...

See my bug, Mommy!

I got a bug!

I sat for a whole huge long time and I got a bug!

A little red bug with yellow legs, Mommy!

Don't you love my bug?!

Aren't you SO proud of me, Mommy?!

I didn't hear his words. But I felt them pulse like electricity through his little fist charging straight up my arm to zap the sappy spot of my heart. And it was a pretty amazing moment. The kind of moment to which words cannot do justice.

Silly little heart of mine. All sappy and sad. Meanwhile miracles are happening right down the street.


I know not everybody sees Life through the same filter I do. But I can't help feeling like I was home spilling all my sorry I-give-up guts on a blog. Meanwhile Jesus was preparing a wave of refreshing miracle-ness on the other side of my spilt tears. To renew my strength for just one more ...


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Yes...it is moments like these that I try SO hard to cherish as long as I can before some wave (or object or teeth) comes crashing down on me. That's my day. Full of ups and downs. I hope you are still riding this wave. It certainly has lifted my spirits this mornig :)

JSmith5780 said...

Where is the LIKE button on here?? Awesome Job Trevor!! So proud of you!

Holli said...

love it love it love it!!

MJStump said...

I LOVE this post! Made me all teary, because I have been ready to set sail lately myself, and this gives me hope that soon the waters will be still so we can enjoy the view.

That is some Grrreat progress that Trevy has made. Sitting for that long is HUGE and waiting his turn and just waiting...that is just awesome! And being so excited and proud to show you his bag of bugs...that is terrific!

Big Hugs and Cheers for Trevy!

Mrs. M said...

Awwwww! I love the bug and his little hand thrusting it into yours. What a doll!
Those are HUGE accomplishments! My 4 3/4 yr old can't do all that Danielle and he's only got the severe ADHD tag.
Huge, I say...H-U-G-E!!!

And ya know...spilling it over to Whomever is Out There listening...well, that's how some sort of help gets sent right? Never what we have in mind or request, but something comes your way, eventually.

I'm glad to day was sunnier for you.

Kristi Lundgren said...

Positively adore this post!

KC's Mama said...

It's funny the way God works sometimes! Times like this help to remind us that we are always under his wing...
I know there will be tough times again, but I'm so greatful that God gave you this moment now. You needed it now :)


P.S. YAHOOOOO Trevy!!!

Mama Skates said...

wow! the very 1st post i read when coming back after so long, has me totally swooning over ur beautiful words...& bawling with such joy & excitement of how Trevy is doing at the same time! haven't read the back story to this...i will tho...miss reading ur posts...ur words touch me in a way that i don't feel too often...i hate to hear u've been sad...but thrilled to hear about the unbelievable joy u're feeling now!


Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning. I believe. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Love it Trevy!

Giving your mum the boost she needed right at that moment :)


Colby said...


I am a bit behind on reading, so I didn't even bother to post on your previous "drift away" post....Because I moved on to this one and saw that God DID give you what you needed, WHEN you needed it....It is SO hard to be patient...But your little guy is one of those true miracles...There will always be gains made....Hold on to that!!!

Try and keep this in mind when you become weary again....

Thank you for this most WONDERFUL and encouraging post about your boy!!!