Grams swung by to pick up errand loving Bristel.

Toby waves bye and says with glee...

Bye Bye Bristel... Hellooooo alone time with Mommy!


Bristel was watching Toby kick some Kupa tail on the Wii when suddenly she cries...

What smells terrible?!?!?!

To which Toby simply grins and replies...



Toby walked in the kitchen while I was filling a dish with enchiladas. His love affair with Mexican food started while we were in Tanzania. I had gobs of taco seasoning packets and seasoned everything with it!

Toby licked his lips and sighed...

Dinner tonight looks dreeeeeamy


Random Swahili fact: tako (pronounced like the English taco) in Swahili means butt

And yes...we giggled every time we ate taco salad for dinner.



Toby's explaination on why he loves Mexican food:

Because I'm part Italian and everyone knows that Italians love Mexican food.


As Bristel was running upstairs to grab her Prince Charming doll she declared...

he's handsome just like daddy!


There are several local farms that still deliver milk in the glass bottles. The guy in the cow truck (which oddly has a horn that barks rather than moos?) stopped at our house while we were frolicking in the yard and asked if I'd like to try a sample.

I've never been one to turn down free.

Although I was expecting a dixie cupt sip and not the whole glass jar!

I happily took said glass jar.

Toby immediately licked his lips and said (quite dramatically)...

That milk looks like it was maaaaaade for our cookies!


As I was getting Trevy dressed for school the other day...I made a big deal about the soccer player on his socks. He knows soccer well because his big brother is a defensive super star!


Off to school he went.

He has a crush on one of the teacher's aides in particular. I think it might be her soccer ball bracelet! Which she happened to be wearing that day...and let him play with it. Because she has a crush on him too.

And he kept repeating a word very obviously trying to say something. But she couldn't quite understand him.


He took her hand and put it down on his socks! To show her his soccer ball!

How amazing is that?!

I'm beaming!

Can you feel me beaming?!


Kelly O'Melia said...

Aww, I can totally feel you beaming as I was also beaming when I read about the soccer balls!!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I can feel you beaming. I love your kids. How do you not gobble them up everyday???

Mrs. M said...

What a little smartie! Great problem solving Trevy!
Your kiddos crack me up...Bristel & Toby and their antics.
How was the milk? I wish we had a local farmer who would sell us unpasteurized cows milk (it's illegal here) cause I bet my boys could have it with no side effects.

Dawson said...

Good stuff!!!!!

Sinead said...

I'm beaming too.

Mama Skates said...

these are all great...but the 1st & last ones rock!!!