anything but run of the mill

It was just your regular run of the mill Saturday.

Spent doing our regular run of the mill Saturday things.

Baseball practice in the am.

Running errands during practice.

A few home improvement projects worked on.

A precious hour or two of chill time.

Head to the beach for a couple hours in the pm. With all our baseball friends. Which isn't our run of the mill Saturday routine...but was gobs of fun all the same. Until the kiddos were crankin' it out on the ride home anyway! Why did we have three again?


Get home just in time for baths. Nothing fancy here. Remind Trevy that his clothes must come off first. For some reason he insists on climbing into the tub fully dressed. Pulled him from the tub and encouraged him to help pull his pants down. Arms up...when taking off shirt. All very run of the mill-ish.

A couple months ago we started incorporating Potty Time during our bath routine. Easy Peasy what with already being necked n' stuff.

We were using an old Blue Clues seat. The kind that fits right on the big peeps potty. That puppy was ancient. And had literally traveled the globe! Shipped from here...to Tanzania...and back again! And I can't really say that Trevy was a fan. We were lucky if he stayed on it for 3 seconds max. So as I was trolling the aisles at BJ's the other day...my eye caught this one...

(click here for one of your own)

And I just couldn't resist it! Especially with the little lever on the side that makes vrooooooming noises. I just knew Trevy would love it! And would hopefully sit on the pot for more than 3 seconds in a row.

Tonight he did more than sit!

Trevy did pee pee in the potty!!!!!!

Of course he then proceeded to splash in it while i was partying above and yelling for Jonathan to find the closest M&M for a reward.

::smile and sigh::

I guess you never know when your anything but run of the mill kid will totally turn your run of the mill Saturday on its head!

And I'm going totally crazy ambitious and printing out this groovy matching chart too...

(click here for one of your own)


Holli said...

Yay Trevy!!! Sweet seat by the way! Lol

Anonymous said...

This gramma is thrilled and proud of Trevor and Mommy and Daddy!! Great accomplishment!! I am biting at the bit to come and see you all! Won't be long!! Bibi

Anonymous said...

Go Trevy go Trevy!!!

kt x

Mrs. M said...

My goodness your world is about to change!
Isn't this little light wonderful?!
Love the super cool potty! Bup HATED sitting on the big toilet with the trainer seat....he was so scared! He would cry n cry and hug me. It took us ages to get past that. So wuhoo on finding the perfect potty that delights Trevy enough to tinkle.;)

Sinead said...

Way cool. Some of his typical peers haven't done that yet.

Dawson said...

Horray for pee pee in the potty.. ( something we have been working on now for quite some time) WAY TO GO TREVY!!! You get my " atta boy" award for the day

JSmith5780 said...

Hope Trevy continues using the potty successfully!

happy's mommy said...

Sooooo...no further pee pee successes yet. I sure it hope it wasn't just a lucky sit!


Sinead said...

Just keep doing it. Eventually it will get better and better. We used to praise the pees and poos in the toilet but then I read to praise the dry diapers instead because that is what you want to see. I thought about that a lot as it made sense but then decided that its too lateral a concept. So we continue the trips to the toilet and hope for more and more success.

Mama Skates said...

WTG Trevy!!!

Anonymous said...

That is great! Have you ever seen the Peter Potty? It is an actual urinal that flushes...apparently it is easier for boys to learn with the stand up potty...but if Trevor is like my son, the flusher may be a bit of a distraction, so just dont fill it up with water!